Battle of the (Fake) Bands: The 10 Best TV/Movie Musicians

Will the Partridge Family make the cut? No. No they won't.

Many of these are chosen because of their names (and in some cases, I’m not even sure we got to see them perform). Still others are chosen purely on the strength of their “incredible” music. And by “incredible”, I mean “craptastic”. So who are the 10 best tv/movie musicians? Let the countdown begin, in no particular order:

1. The Johnson’s, Sling Blade
Definitely falls under the “craptastic” category.

2. The Cantina Band, Star Wars
As spoofed on Family Guy, they really only knew one song. But it sure as hell entertained that hive of scum and villainy.

3. Electric Mayhem, The Muppet Show
They featured Zoot, the pimp on saxophone; Animal, the spirit animal for every problem child born between 1975 and 1982; Dr. Teeth, a straight-up Bootsy Collins knockoff (technically, he’s a nod to Dr. John); Janice, whose name is an homage to Janis Joplin; and Sgt. Floyd Pepper.

4. The solo work of Dirk Diggler, Boogie Nights
While not necessarily the best on here, it’s certainly my favorite. And the funniest.

5. The Be Sharps, The Simpsons
Just one of about eight million Beatles references made on The Simpsons.

6. Otis Day and the Knights, Animal House
If you’ve ever been an 18 to 21 year old drunk college student looking for all the shenanigans you could find, this scene is pure movie magic. And it’s driven by Otis Day and the Knights. I couldn’t even choose between this clip or “Shamma Lamma Ding Dong”.

7. The Soggy Bottom Boys, O Brother, Where Art Thou
There wasn’t a chance in hell I could exclude these guys.

8. Cylon and Garfunkel, Futurama
I didn’t even know what a “cylon” was when I first saw this and I still burst out laughing.

9. Big Mountain Fudge Cake, King of the Hill
This is one that toes the line nicely between “ridiculous name” and “craptastic music”. Dear lord, listen to this:

10. Handful of Peter, Family Guy
What a killer knockoff of 70’s folk music.

Honorable mentions go out to: The Black Mountain Scorpion Hoedown Bluegrass Experience Gang from Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Jesse and the Rippers from Full House; Timmy and the Lords of the Underworlds from South Park; and Adriana La Cerva’s god-awful pet project on The Sopranos, Visiting Day.

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9 responses to “Battle of the (Fake) Bands: The 10 Best TV/Movie Musicians

  1. fuzzywuzzy

    The Electric Mayhem were amazing.

  2. Tonya

    I hope your blog makes you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaahahahahaaaahahah :'((

  3. Great idea for a list. I think the band Citizen Dick from Singles deserves an honorable mention here too. Made up of Matt Dillon and the members of Pearl Jam, their single “Touch Me, I’m Dick” has helped earn them many fans in Belgium.

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  5. Adam Webber

    What about Sex Bob-Omb?
    I heart them.

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