12 Great Moments in Movie History, Using Stick Figures

Here are 12 Great Moments in Movie History, using stick figures. In short, I’ve used Adobe Illustrator in the exact wrong way it’s intended to be used. I’ve used it to try to replicate the childlike stupidity and simplicity of MS Paint drawings. You can click on any of these to get a version with higher resolution. Enjoy!
















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26 responses to “12 Great Moments in Movie History, Using Stick Figures

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    • Thanks! You are officially the second person to acknowledge/know what the Andalusian Droid is, so I tip my cap to you, sir.

      I have to admit, those crosswords are cool. Consider this the big ol’ seal of approval.

  2. rtm

    Ahahaha… these are FUN, John… and congrats on making IMDb hitlist!

  3. Frank

    “I’ve used it to try to replicate the childlike stupidity… ” You sure got that right. This was painfully unfunny and just plain dumb.

    • That One Guy

      Have to agree. The idea was great, execution not so much. Hint: your ‘jokes’ take away from the simplistic fun of the drawings. Still, at least you tried.

  4. Martini

    who knew silly stick figure satire could take on such harsh criticism.. nevermind them.. great work. love the bruce willis head

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  6. Alex Stockwell

    If you do a sequel, you should do Maggie Gyllenhaal masturbating on her stomach in “Secretary”. That, for me, was a Great Moment in Movie History.

  7. marcusandstevi

    Other than Bea Arthur being, you know, not old but actually dead, this is great.

  8. Sorry, but this was a swing and a miss for me. I clicked on this article because it was linked from the IMDb’s front page and sounded like a fun idea. But the execution just shows how some people can take even the simplest, can’t-miss idea and screw it up. The idea of recreating great movie moments with stick figures is funny in and of itself, and I thought you would bring a sort straight-faced and straightforward simplicity to these often complex moments. But, no. It turns out to be more of the smarmy, ain’t-I-a-stinker snarkiness we get on seemingly every movie blog these days. Stick figures and smugness don’t mix. I’m so sick of breezily-dismissive pop culture snark, I could scream sometimes. I actually got bored with the concept about midway through. The C3PO/Andalusian Dog thing at the top is neat, though. So points for trying.

    • marcusandstevi

      “Stick figures and smugness don’t mix.” I don’t agree, but I’m going to quote you on this.

    • martini

      Leave the basement and take a deep breath.. it’ll be okay

    • Dude

      As a loyal subscriber of this blog, I feel that I must comment. I agree that the stick figure/great moments are not the critical and insightful commentary that you expect….from stick figures? You say you like the Andalusian Droid, so that should give you at least a small reason to click on a few more of the posts. If you are looking for something a bit more thinky, then you should sink your teeth into the Nazi Zombie post, the smartass questions to mafia bosses post, or one of my personal favorites seven things I learned from the muppets. If those aren’t enough to get you to ask the serious questions of life, then you just don’t get it.

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