How is John Wayne Spending His Time On-Screen?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Having laughed- a lot- at the work over at Pleated Jeans, I’ve decided to steal some schtick and start making my own charts occasionally. I’ve recently tackled a few John Wayne films (True Grit and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance). Thus inspired, I present to you…



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5 responses to “How is John Wayne Spending His Time On-Screen?

  1. Don

    I defy you to find one instance where he is drinking an Appletini! That is “The Duke” Sacrilege. 😉

  2. Clearly I’m tired. When I first looked at your chart, one of the first things I read was “riding chicks’ asses.” That’s a whole different animal… 😉

    • Heh. That would be the “How did John Wayne spend his time OFF screen?” pie chart. I guess in the Duke Universe- the Dukiverse?- it was ok to smack a woman but not to have sex with her.

  3. keyser

    As a professional insomniac, I spent a half an hour arranging my collection of partially smoked Pall Malls around my keyboard, for no particular reason; other than an attempt to discern the longest butts from the shortest. It was just as a momentary distraction while taking a break from a project I am doing as a gift, for my oldest son, on my computer.

    Once the sticks were carefully laid out, (I should have counted them), I took about 20 photos of the neatly organized desktop and realized I had just cleaned my PC domicile. As a three pack a day chimney, I never let any go to waste, so the clean desk was more by accident than by design.

    As I began enjoying a few of these precious and costly little coffin spikes, I decided to indulge my fascination with The Duke by doing simple Google of John Wayne pics.

    In my late night hours of browsing, I often stumble across some of the most ridiculous, sometimes interesting, odd, goofy, even witty and occasionally intellectually stimulating BS about this time of 5:30 a.m. give or take an hour or two. That’s central time BTW.

    I expect you will find my incessant rambling extremely of topic, but when I think back to when I started smoking, not cigarettes though, I started with Swisher Cigarillos, it wasn’t, but a year before the Duke was fighting cancer.

    I read or heard somewhere stated that he hadn’t completely stopped his nicotine habit, but had only cut down by changing from cigarettes to Swisher Sweet Cigarillos. I thought it was kinda…kinda something, but the words escape me.

    I suppose those are the thoughts I have when my wife or friends futilely attempt to get me to stop smelling like an ashtray as I slowly kill myself puffing and pecking my life away at my keyboard. I think of the Duke puffing his cigarillos at the end of his smoking career right about the time I picked up the nasty habit.

    Anyway, I was smoking’ em to be like Clint, John was smokin’ em cause he was dying, and I suppose he felt the need to at least try something to help himself; much like Steve McQueen did by trying laetrile for his terminal cancer…

    I gotta do something else for a while, but as you may see, I have a slight flair with the written word, and it requires a lot of time to contrive anything that will get my attention.

    I thank you, Mr. Webmaster, whoever you may be, for taking the extreme amount of time and devoting so much energy into this site. The pie chart is a riot, and I think fairly accurate.

    I in know way condone laying hands on a woman, but there are some women who rely on a man maintaining his manhood; thus counting on him to hold back the desire to give a screaming harpy a slight rap, not to really inflict injury, but to just to get her to shut up.

    So, when some venom spewing trollop or ornery little old lady gets mouthy, it is only because they know they couldn’t get away with it if they were a man.

    Yeah, I know I’m boring someone to death by now. I do not know about what John Wayne may have done off screen, (John who posted 11/102010), but if John Wayne smacked a woman, she must have been really pushing his buttons, The Duke was in all ways a man.

    Funny the things you think of or take note of when the sun starts to come up. That picture of the dog with the S&W to his head up there on the right, was originally on the cover of an issue of National Lampoon, back around 1972. Funny thing how you find stuff that you were not thinking of for years, just by browsing the net.

    I doubt you will post this tripe of mine, but I sure enjoyed compiling it. Post it or not, I’ll be back again some early sleepless morning around 2 or 3 a.m.

    Heck, I been working on this for over an hour and a half, but I only burnt threw 10 of my half smokes… I really gotta get a life, or someone who would pay me to write. LOL!

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