Movie Charts

Who says math and movies can’t mix? Taking a cue from Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, I’ve combined math and film with a bunch of charts. Enjoy!

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17 responses to “Movie Charts

  1. MC

    Congrats on making the front page of the IMDB.

    • Thanks. I’m (pleasantly) surprised they took this entry.

      • rtm

        Hey congrats, AGAIN! Glad to be on IMDb together with you John. I didn’t even submit my entry as it’s a meme but happy to be included nonetheless.

        Btw, I love your charts! The Eastwood one is spot on. You should’ve included one for today’s rom-coms, too.

        • Thank you!

          Heh… I’m not sure you’d want to see what I’d say about rom-coms (sorry, it’s not my genre… much like you and horror).

          • rtm

            Ha..ha.. I’m not a fan of rom-coms either. I was thinking of percentages of those that are decent vs. those that suck as the pie would look similar to the Russ Meyer’s with just a tiny slice for the good one 🙂

  2. Price Fugitt

    I found both entertaining and funny. In most cases it was right on the mark.

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  4. fuzzywuzzy

    The Dr. Strangelove Venn diagram is perfect.

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  7. travis

    I thing Curmudgeon would be bigger for clint

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