The Santaic Verses

Everyone loves old Saint Nick… until he’s chasing you or stabbing you in the hand or any other number of diabolical things. Here are various evil Santa Clauses in film that we don’t want paying us a visit on Christmas Eve.

Popeye Doyle in The French Connection
He knows with 100% certainty if you’ve been good or bad and he will punish you if you’ve been bad. So be good for your own hyde’s sake.

Paco Plaza’s Xmas Tale
Making Santa evil is bad enough. Making him/her a zombie is even worse. But then you give her an ax?!?!

Bad Santa
On second thought, this Santa is pretty cool.

Trading Places
Who doesn’t love drunk, degenerate, down-on-his-luck Santa?

Peter Jackson as Santa in Hot Fuzz
I heart this image so much.

Santa’s Slay
This is easily the second best Santa Claus performance turned in by a professional wrestler in the sum total of movie history, just behind Hulk Hogan in Santa With Muscles.

Christmas Evil
A murderer’s row of potentially evil Santas.

Ralphie’s dream-crushing Santa in A Christmas Story
What kind of Santa tells a kid he can’t get what he wants for Christmas?!?!


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3 responses to “The Santaic Verses

  1. Dude

    That Santa outfit for Santa’s Slay is awesome. I want one. I’d wear it to work all winter long.

  2. Kelly

    Gotta love Billy Bob & Danny! They made the best drunk Santas ever.

    *As a side note, when I was typing ‘Santa’ above, I first spelled it ‘Satan.’ Go figure!

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