Sesame Street Goes Hollywood, or Alistair Cookie Has Great Taste in Pop Culture

The other day, I found a Sesame Street spoof of Mad Men, and it made my day. Fascinated by the concept, I kept digging and digging and unearthed several more Sesame Street spoofs, many of which came via Alistair Cookie, host of Monsterpiece Theater. Pardon my lack of originality here- none of this is my content, nor am I going to say anything special about any of it. I guess I’m just shocked that Sesame Street has spoofed all of these Hollywood movies and TV shows and felt the need to share.

Mad Men
Best line: “Good work, sycophants”. I can’t wait to hear my 3 year old nephew drop “sycophants” on me.

Twelve Angry Men

1 Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
I’m going to pretend that it was directed by Elmos Forman.

Twin Beaks
That’s right. Sesame Street spoofed David Lynch.

The 400 Blows
When I saw the link to the video for The 400 Blows, I thought for certain that it was going to be a mashup, and not something that had originally been on Sesame Street. But it is indeed the real deal- Sesame Street doing a Truffaut impersonation.

Dances with Wolves

39 Stairs
They even made it shadowy and noir and black and white. How awesome is that?

Gone with the Wind

True Mud
The theme music and opening doesn’t get any less creepy with muppets in it. On the plus side, this muppet is a better actor than the guy who plays Bill Compton.


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9 responses to “Sesame Street Goes Hollywood, or Alistair Cookie Has Great Taste in Pop Culture

  1. The Law and Order parody they did was great. All the characters kept getting distracted by that dopey music stinger. Having two little kids at home, I have seen a lot of episodes. The Truffaut one is too much. I never saw that one. The 39 Steps one was brilliant. I tried to explain that one to my son, but he’s 3 and Hitchcock references are wasted on him.

    Great subject by the way!

    • Heh… “Well, son, you can really sense the Freudian overtones here coming out of Grover. And check out the use of the long shot.”

      I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a blonde in that one. But then, I’m always disappointed when there aren’t blondes around.

  2. “Me like bird who know his own name”

  3. Kelly

    Keith beat me to the punch about the L&O parody. I loved it, being an SVU fan. Most of these I’ve seen recently on other blogs (True Mud, Mad Men, Twin Beaks) but I remember seeing The 39 Stairs when I was a kid. Thanks for including it… you gotta love Grover.

  4. Not quite Hollywood, but did you see Cookie Monster’s audition tape for SNL?

    Love it!

  5. magnoliaforever

    they were all good except one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. what the hell was that all about?

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