Infographics: Inebriation and Likelihood of Film Genre Selection

There are three lessons to be learned here:

1. If I’m drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants, I’ll watch almost anything.

2. I have to be drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants to watch a musical or a romantic comedy.

3. Nunsploitation and comedy films are almost always good.

Let’s roll that fabulous bean footage. As always, there are higher-res versions available if you click on the various images.


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13 responses to “Infographics: Inebriation and Likelihood of Film Genre Selection

  1. Alex

    Nice infographics! I agree with almost all of them.

  2. You love the Muppet Show, but hate musicals? Did Julie Andrews and Nathan Lane team up to kill your family or something?

    Great. Now I’m picturing assassins with sparkly gloves and Fosse hats. Thanks, TDYLF. Thanks so much.

    • Who’s Nathan Lane?
      wokka wokka

      The cold hard truth about musicals is that I’ve liked a very small sample of them- Springtime for Hitler is one of the funniest movie moments around, as is the Puttin’ on the Ritz number in Young Frankenstein- but nothing drives me nuttier than when people start belting out in song in the middle of a movie. It just feels like filler. And more often than not, it’s not the kind of music I’d normally want to listen to. Even the ones that are allegedly great (A Nous la Liberté; Sound of Music; Nashville) fall flat for me. I’ve tried, I swear.

      That said… more power to the folks who dig it. It’s such a huge piece of movie history that I feel like a schmuck for cracking wise about it the way I do.

  3. Haha. This is great. I agree with you about the Rom Com chart.

  4. Dude

    I love the fact that you have to be on the verge of shitting your pants to ingest certain movies. Hilarious. I do agree that certain ones do take on a different character when a little hammered though…

    • For the most part, it comes down to “How much am I willing to use my brain right now? How fair or unfair is it to watch this movie when I’m half in the bag?”. For something like, say, Idiocracy… who cares if I’m half drunk?

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  6. You have a picture of Toshirō Mifune in your “Foreign Film” data … Samurai / Martial Arts films are NOT Foreign Films; they are Action Films that just happen to be in a language other than English.

    “The English Patient” … now THAT’S a Foreign Film … why anyone watched it, let alone nominated it for ANYTHING, is foreign to me

  7. I don’t have to be drunk to watch romantic comedy’s, but i usually only watch ones that get good reviews from trustworthy sources(or at least people who don’t fawn over the dreaed rom-com cliches). I did watch at least one foreign romantic comedy without seeing a review that was actually pretty good

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