Take the Movie Geek Quiz

Inspired mostly by this quiz over at the Beer & Whiskey Brothers blog, and also by the Cosmo quizzes that you often see on the front of the magazines in the grocery store checkout line, I’ve created a quiz to let you know if you are indeed a movie nerd. Just to clarify, it’s only barely inspired by Cosmo. Otherwise, the quiz would be called “The Sexiest Movie Quiz to Ever Sexy Sex Sexing Your Man”.


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34 responses to “Take the Movie Geek Quiz

  1. Jim

    Ha! I scored a 1! I hope nobody bought gummy bears, those things are impossible to sweep up!!

    BTW, my point came from the fact that I’ve been to the movies 5 times in the past year. Most of those we’re kids movies which had me in 3D glasses.

    • Hmmm…. Perhaps it needs a 3D adjustment.

      My main concern as I was filling it out was that it might be a bit too inaccessible for the average moviegoer. “What the hell is the French New Wave?”, etc.

      • Jim

        I think it’s perfect, and I’m glad that question was there, because I’d feel like an idiot scoring a goose egg (even if I deserve to).

        • For what it’s worth, I’m at “Director” level. I scored a 26. The fact that I don’t prefer Lloyd, have only been to the theater 9 times instead of 10, and just lowered my Netflix plan keeps me from the horrible Mogul category.

  2. 12 points, better than I would have expected. I still have so much to learn!

    • Good thing you saw “Armageddon”, AMIRITE?!?!

      I ‘m feeling like there’s more shame to a high score than a low one. In many ways, this quiz is my own personal confessional.

  3. rtm

    What an awesome quiz!! And no, if this can’t be truly inspired by Cosmo, I don’t think they have ‘geek’ in their vocabulary (which is why I don’t read that stuff)

    Well I guess I’m just a lowly gaffer… but hey, THIS gaffer at least has a movie blog 😀

  4. Kelly

    Yes, John, I am the average moviegoer and I was starting to get annoyed with this quiz… until I got 11 points! The first point I earned was for the one foreign film I own, and I earned the last three because I refer to it as Otesanek, rather than Little Otik. I’m just glad I didn’t rank Janitor. (Sorry, Jim.)

    • That’s quite a rally there at the end. Now I have to ask- you probably saw an out of print on VHS this year, right? Which one was it?

      • Kelly

        Didn’t get any points for that one. Haven’t watched a tape since my VCR decided to start eating them.

        • Kelly

          Wow, I’ve been taking too much NyQuil. I went back to add up my score & I got 7, not 11. Not sure how I figured in that extra 4 points, but I’m still a gaffer. I guess that was my ‘gaffe.’ Right, heyzeus?

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  6. John,

    I’m gonna ramble a bit. My apologies in advance…

    I scored a 13! Like you said, not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to get a high score. Given that my movie watching has slipped since having kids, my score will only go down, since I rarely get to watch movies for grown-ups.

    On the other hand, fatherhood has “improved” my score on the B&WB quiz from yesterday (kids are driving me to drink???).

    On the other, other hand, I have gained a huge appreciation for well made family movies, e.g. Most Things Pixar, How To Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me, Fly Away Home, The Black Stallion, etc..

    And speaking of the French New Wave, my film viewing bright spot of 2010… finally getting to see Jean Luc Godard’s Breathless. Great stuff!

    • Pixar is great stuff. Up and Wall-E, off the top of my head, are two of the better films made in the last few years. Not just best children’s films, but overall films. I’ve got one friend who I think is gonna crack the 30 code. I can’t wait until he sees this.

      • Well said regarding Pixar. I mean, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 is easily one of the best trilogies ever. Great stories, great characters, and let’s not forget simply beautiful to watch over and over again. I know people will bring up Lord of the Rings, but personally, I only liked the first one. 9+ hours to tell that story? No thank you.

        And then there’s The Incredibles. They captured the mid-life crisis perfectly. Not that I would know anything about having a mid-life crisis or anything. 🙂

  7. fuzzywuzzy

    I squeaked out 14…not bad…I’ll be over holding the camera.

  8. heyzeus

    7. I think gaffers are in charge of making gaffes.

  9. 17ish.
    I think I’d rather be a snob than a geek…

    How many points would you get for rejecting the AFI list for including any Spielberg films and/or Tarantino and their classification of David Lean’s work as “American?”

    I know of Lawrence, KS for good bands, not tractors.

    And if you ever mention Ozu and Tarantino in the same sentence again, I might reach through your computer screen and strangle you.

  10. Talal

    7 >>> thanks to Micheal Bay :\

    The foriegn thingies helped me a lot + I know about the French new wave 😀

  11. Stu

    Cameraman at 14… -1 for “The Rock.” Damn you Michael Bay!

  12. magnoliaforever

    I own 23 foreign films, have a top 50 directors list with detailed explanations, top 100 Hollywood and top 100 Foreign films lists, have a cat named Serpico and despise Bad Boys 2. Take THAT!

  13. magnoliaforever

    (+ I FORGOT MY FISH! I have three goldfish, each named Dirk, Reed and Amber (I LUV P.T. Anderson!!!))

    • I’m guessing you may have just gotten our high score. What’d you wind up with?

      And… I’d really like to see those top 100 and top 50 lists, especially the director one. I’ve toyed with the idea but it’s definitely an undertaking.

  14. MD

    Got an 8. Not bad considering I’m only 15. I would have more, but all those crazy adults keep forcing me to do SCHOOL of all things! Ridiculous…

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