Letters to Directors from Children


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22 responses to “Letters to Directors from Children

  1. “PS I will not tell anyone Bruce Wayne is Batman”


    Any kid that likes the goy’s teeth metaphor is okay with me.

  2. Kelly

    LMFAO at the Woody Allen letter! I also don’t like it when he puts ‘that guy’ in his movies.

    • There’s a Ned Flanders quote on the Simpsons that rocks. It’s something like, “I like Woody Allen movies. I just don’t like that nervous fella that’s always in ’em.”

      I couldn’t agree with Ned more, for the first time ever.

  3. rtm

    Absolutely hilarious! You da man, John, LOVE, LOVE this post! I love how you spelled ‘drawed’ though otherwise these kiddies are excellent writers 😀 Oh and that Helvetica bit about Anderson is flippin’ awesome!

    • It’s gotten to this really funny point where I’ll watch a trailer and the second I see those pastel-y colors and a Helvetica font, all I can think is “I bet that’s Wes Anderson”.

  4. Vladdy

    Shaped like a mitten.

  5. Stu

    Nicely done. My personal favorites are the letters to P.T. Anderson and Coen Brothers.

  6. Man I hated Gran Torino with a hot passion.

  7. And Wes Anderson should stick to stop-motion.

      • How many times can he tell the same story before he finally grows up and gets over his daddy issues??

        • I tend to agree there. But… and this may be the difference… I LIKE the story he keeps telling again and again. I just wish he’d do something a little different next time. He’s definitely got an auteur’s style about him, which isn’t inherently a bad thing.

          I mean, nobody would say “Ingmar Bergman needs to get over his God fixation” in the early 60’s.

          • That’s a bit more complex issue than Anderson’s daddy botherances… Films should explore issues, not harp on and on in a shrill (but highly stylized) voice about them.

            And I’m not sure you want to be comparing Wes Anderson to Ingmar Bergman in public.

  8. magnoliaforever

    The first eight HOURS of Magnolia? Don’t you mean the first eight minutes?

    • Yeah, I was down with the whole thing right up until the ending. But it felt extraordinarily long getting to that ending. Not necessarily in a bad way.

  9. This may be one of your best posts. I’ve been mulling it over for quite a while, and I was thinking of “borrowing” the idea, if you don’t mind. I’ll be doing it with five completely different directors to the ones you’ve chosen, but I thought it would be best to ask you first.

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