Infographic: What are Steven Spielberg Movies About?


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12 responses to “Infographic: What are Steven Spielberg Movies About?

  1. magnoliaforever

    You’ve completely nailed Spielberg’s entire filmography.

    • I re-watched “Close Encounters” and it was sort of the impetus for this. “Huh”, I thought. “He sure does make a lot of movies about aliens and Nazis”.

  2. Don

    You forgot Psycho truck drivers!

    • Heh… “Duel”, right? I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll be doing so soon. It’s in the top 10 of my Netflix queue.

    • @Da_Rhettster

      No, no, in the Ultra Super Secret Director’s Cut version with commentary, Spielberg shares that the mysterious truck driver was an alien Nazi shark.

      So we’re good.

  3. Don

    Duel was my favorite Dennis Weaver Movie ever! It was actually really good, and I remember watching it on WGN in Chicago. It was uncut, because there was nothing to cut out. It might have been a made for TV movie. I’m not sure.

    • From what I’ve heard, it is indeed made for TV. Edgar Wright just showed it at the New Beverly theater when he took over for the last few weeks. Spielberg even e-mailed an intro for Wright to read beforehand.

      Really, all I know about it is that whatever happened, it made Hollywood movers and shakers stand up and take notice of Spielberg.

  4. Stu

    You just made my day.

    • I still think the world of the guy (even if I don’t think much of his movies made since Munich). But… he’s a tad bit predictable in his plots.

  5. Dan

    Interesting graphic. I am glad I like movies about Nazis AND aliens! I would have to add a small percentage for ghosts as he had a huge influence (and possibly directed) Poltergeist.

    • Yeah, Poltergeist is a tough one. The thing is, Tobe Hooper’s influence is definitely in there (the clown that everyone loves to hate is pure Hooper), and he’s listed as the Director… but having seen Hooper’s other films, it also clearly had Spielberg’s fingerprints all over it. I only recently found out that Spielberg didn’t direct it after having spent 98% of my life assuming that he had.

      Either way, it’s my 2nd favorite horror ever.

      Welcome to TDYLF!

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