Fun with IMDB Plot Keywords

When someone first tells me about a movie that I think sounds interesting, one of the first places I go is to the IMDB plot keywords page. It’s a quick and dirty way to get a snapshot of the kind of movie you’re thinking about watching. Obviously, there are spoiler possibilities when you do this, but the editors at IMDB are considerate enough to conceal keywords until you click on an individual film’s keyword page. In other words, it’s only spoiled if you want it to be spoiled.

Some films have quite an impressive list of keywords. And by “impressive”, I mean “jacked up”. Let’s take a stroll through various films and their keyword highlights, shall we?

Let’s start with a film that I love to loathe, Cannibal Holocaust, which universally gets mentioned on “Most Disturbing Films” lists. What’s on the keywords page there? This is only part of the list, but here are some that jump out at me:

Internal Organs
Animal Cruelty
Bare Breasts
Actual Animal Killed
Burning Flesh
Gang Rape
Female Vomiting
Male Vomiting
Pregnant Woman Murdered
Penis Amputation
Snuff Film
Anal Probe

Consider that my caveat emptor should you decide to watch it. You can find the full list here.


The Hottie & the Nottie
It got a 1.9/10 on IMDB and it stars Paris Hilton. Enough said. Here are the keywords, and this is the full list:

Los Angeles California
Repetition In Title
Tooth Decay
Box Office Flop
Event Organizer
Beach Bum
Male Female Relationship
Punctuation In Title
Ampersand In Title

You know it’s a horrible movie when “ampersand in title” is one of the most recognizable features, right next to yoga, fungus, and tooth decay. Don’t even get me started about “retardation”.


Lukas Moodysson’s A Hole in My Heart (and these don’t even begin to do it justice; the list is missing half of the chicanery, such as “urine” and “labiaplasty”):

Father Son Relationship
Pink Panties
Sex Toy
Explicit Sex
Female Nudity
Male Nudity
Single Father
Video Camera
Porn Actress
Barbie Doll
Dream Sequence

Odd as that list may be, I’m a fan of Moodysson. Just not so much this particular film.


The Wild World of Batwoman
I’ve never seen this but I’ve heard about it. In fact, hearing about it is what prompted me to head to the IMDB page.

Hearing Aid
Mad Scientist
Horse Shoe
Wrist Radio
Independent Film
Character Name In Title

I wonder if there are any other films out there that possess the amazing hat trick of bondage-soup-seance.


Tetsuo, the Iron Man
Again, I haven’t seen this but I found out about it from the same person who told me about The Wild World of Batwoman. There’s a scene involving a guy’s wang turning into a metal drill or something. I may wind up seeing this eventually.

Giant Metal Phallus
Human Magnetism
Japanese Shocker
Part Stop Motion
Metal Fetish

Here’s the full list.


And last but not least, Attack Girls Swim Team vs. The Undead, a fun little Japanese horror that involves zombies and girls in swimsuits. Amazingly, this isn’t even the full list (found here). And when it says “Laser Gun”, it doesn’t point out where that laser is coming from- one of the girls’ special lady parts.

Stabbed In The Head
Flute Player
Eye Gouging
Severed Head
Blown To Pieces
Hit With A Baseball Bat
Severed Hand
Sexual Perversion
Soccer Ball
Stabbed With Scissors
Brain Pulled Out
Female Nudity
Head Cut Off
Anal Sex
Severed Toe
Severed Leg
Tooth Pulling
Laser Gun
Deviant Sex
Face Ripped Off
Beaten To Death
Machine Gun
Severed Arm
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11 responses to “Fun with IMDB Plot Keywords

  1. rtm

    Interesting observation here, John. WOW, suffice to say I won’t ever watch any of these even if you pay me a million bucks. No way, I need my sanity intact.

  2. Alexandra

    I do this same thing! Another great one is The Damned Don’t Cry, which I have seen, and which is a pretty good movie.
    Highlights include:
    secret past
    chicken salad sandwich
    hard-boiled dame
    male slaps a female
    Just another day at the office for Joan Crawford.

    • That plot keyword list just made me really intrigued to see it. I like hard boiled dames and chicken salad sandwiches. Especially chicken salad sandwiches… with a secret past.

  3. Kelly

    I also do this sometimes. You never know what crazy shit might be featured. Has this entry appeared yet on IMDb’s hit list?

    • Heh… that’d be great if they’d pick it up. I’m guessing with the Oscars right around the corner, there’ll be a lot of Oscar-driven content this week on the Hit List. But that’s just my wild guess.

      I love finding the weirdest, most ridiculous combinations of keywords.

  4. Kelly

    Today, it’s pretty Valentine’s Day-heavy over there. Lemme see if I can figure out how to suggest it. I’ve contributed a ton of info to that site, but never have I recommended anything to the Hit List before. It’ll be my experiment of the day.

  5. Kelly

    Ok, it wasn’t that hard. Fingers crossed, it’ll get picked up!

  6. Kristal

    I’ve actually seen The Attack Girls movie and lived to tell the tale! I’m surprised lesbian wasn’t mentioned in the tags because from what I remember there was lots of girl on girl action. I definitely remember the laser out of the vajayjay shot too. What a gem of a flick I tell ya!

    • Kristal

      Oh nevermind, I didn’t look at the FULL tag list…
      I used to have an animated gif of the laser part but I must have deleted it ages ago. Too bad.

      • I learned about that one from Horror’s Not Dead… which may or may not be an endorsement for the writings of film critic Peter Hall, depending on how you feel about laser-shooting vaginas and zombies.

        That movie was, um… something else? Not sure how to say it, really.

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