Which Coen Film Character Are You?

Which Coen film character would you be? Are you Marge Gunderson, cool under pressure? The Dude, abiding away your days? A serious Larry Gopnik? Let this flowchart decide it for you. Be sure to click on the image to get the full resolution version.


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20 responses to “Which Coen Film Character Are You?

  1. Dude

    I was discriminated against by my residence! Darn upper midwest….

  2. Phil

    I always thought of myself as more of a ‘Donny’

    • The classified answer information on that one would’ve been: “I am the walrus?”. Or perhaps “Classified information takes me out of my element”.

  3. Don

    I’m the Dude. Guess I better watch the Big Labowski to see what that means…I’m getting a sense here that it isn’t too flattering.

  4. Kelly

    Love the flowchart, but I’d classify myself as a character left off from it: Maude Lebowski. We are both no-nonsense, don’t-take-shit-from-anyone type of gals who know what we want, and how to get it. I also have to tell my man about 10 times before he’ll finally go to the doctor. (He had an emergency appendectomy just last week after 3 days of pain.)

  5. fuzzywuzzy

    I actually laughed out loud in the office about Walter

  6. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    I now know why I always held Raising Arizona in such high esteem–I was Hi McDunnough. It was also the first Coen Brothers movie I ever saw and I’ve probably seen it 100 times.

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