Full Meta Jacket: Facts and Figures on TDYLF’s First Birthday

If you’ll permit me to go meta for a second, today wraps up the first year of The Droid You’re Looking For. That means that my blog officially turns one year old tomorrow! And I’ll have more fun with that a little bit later. But for now, I thought I’d give you a peek into the ultra-exciting world of stats, figures, and highlights from the first year:


BUSIEST DAY: 24,295 page views (October 19, 2010)

DAILY AVERAGE: 544 page views

FEATURED IN THE IMDB HIT LIST (which I am eternally grateful to the IMDB editors for this): Ten times

To give you an idea the type of impact that IMDb has had on my traffic and why I’m so grateful to them, I’ve received 113,052 page views from them. That’s 57%(!) of my total page views. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this, but who knows how big my audience would be without the Hit List.

There are quite a few other places that have helped drive traffic my way; I’m also extremely grateful to these folks.

The Beer and Whiskey Brothers– Don and Jim do an excellent job over there and I’ve gotten a really great chunk of traffic from them.

FlixChatter Ruth has been featured on the Hit List several times as well. You’d be hard pressed to find another blogger who’s as enthusiastic about movies as her.

Dead Homer Society– These fine folks never miss a chance to link me when I mention The Simpsons and I’ve gotten a really solid amount of traffic from them. It’s much appreciated.

Goregirl’s Dungeon– Speaking of enthusiastic film bloggers, Goregirl’s devotion to all things horror is admirable.

Spanning the Whirled– This was a new one on me- I was actually tabbed by Keith as an “impressive, provocative voice from around the blogosphere”. I was so honored that I celebrated by drawing stick figures with boobs.

Rantocracy– If you’ve ever noticed the Homer Simpson badge in my right nav, click on it- it’ll take you to the time I won Rantocracy’s Pageant of the Transmundane Award for creating Failed Ghostbusters Product Endorsements. That made me very happy.

Undy-A-Hundy– Stu and his readers are very, very welcome visitors here; they’re precisely the type of movie people I want poking around at TDYLF.

My friend Marty– It’s kind of a fun running gag for me to mention “my friend Marty”. I’ve gotten more ideas and help on this blog from Marty than I can shake a stick at and this place wouldn’t be nearly what it is without his input. Likewise, thumbs up go to (the other) John at Quantization. I’ve found a lot of ideas from him as well, usually at the bottom of several pints.

And of course, my subscribers and daily readers. This place is nothing without your readership and comments.

These are the articles that have received the most traffic:

12 Great Moments in Movie History, Using Stick Figures– 27,389 views
Seven TV Characters I Wish Dexter Morgan Would Murder – 20,858
Movie Charts– 15,262
The Six Best Moments on Mad Men– 13,940
Ten Fictional Businesses That I Wish Were Real– 13,745
100 Things I Love About the Movies – 11,689
Eight Movies That Would be Better with Futurama Characters– 11,484
Don’t be Stoonad! Take the Gangster Movie Challenge!– 9,510
Horror Movies About Lesser Holidays– 7,436
Lessons I’ve Learned From Holiday Specials– 4,283

Not coincidentally, all ten of those most popular articles above were IMDb Hit Listed pieces. Which article has gotten the most traffic without the aid of performance-enhancing links? I’m proud of this one because it’s on the verge of being in the top 10 even without having ever been on the Hit List- A List Par Excellence: The 50 Greatest French Films of All-Time.

One of my favorite little games to play here is to add goofy, unique keywords to my entries in the hopes that I’ll get traffic from really obscure or absurd searches on search engines. I learned this very early on by including ‘samurai boobs’ on my ‘Great Moment in Movie History’ for Lone Wolf and Cub. What other search terms have brought people here? A few that crack me up: jimmy darmody prostitute girlfriend, last dinner zombie, human centipede products, lucky luciano gonorrhea, animal costume porn, watch superbabies 2 baby geniuses, debra morgan annoying, human centipede christmas, lrrr, people in animal masks, scary breakfast cereal, pray for mojo, and nazi zombie movies.

I have a few personal favorite articles that I’ve written that haven’t been mentioned yet. The full ‘Great Moments’ series was what I envisioned as being a big part of this blog. You can find the full list here. I was very pleased with the finished product on the Scorsese Last Supper; I wish that one had gotten a bit more traffic, but such is the way of the blogosphere. I really enjoy doing the Iron Director series because it lets me act like I’m a film student for a few minutes each time. The same goes for my entries about Louis Malle, Akira Kurosawa (my first ever entry!), and Buster Keaton.

Ingmar Bergman (16), Buster Keaton (11), Martin Scorsese (10), The Big Lebowski (9), Luis Buñuel (8), Animal House (8), There Will be Blood (6), The Simpsons (6), Pulp Fiction (6), Louis Malle (5), Sunset Boulevard (5), Edgar Wright (5), The Muppet Show (5)… and others at 5.

Here’s to one year in the can and hoping for many more. And so I paraphrase The Stranger from The Big Lebowski: Welp, that about does her, wraps her all up. Things seem to’ve worked out pretty good for the Droid, and it was a purty good story, dontcha think?



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32 responses to “Full Meta Jacket: Facts and Figures on TDYLF’s First Birthday

  1. Congrats! And for the record, I found my way to your site from Don and Jim’s site. Keep up the great work and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  2. Dude

    As your official WI agent, here’s my list.

    My best recruiting tool: Lessons I’ve Learned from Holiday Specials
    Fact you didn’t know: I have searched “Samurai Boobs” to find your blog quickly
    Personal Favorite: Nazi Zombies, !0 things learned from muppets, Don’t Watch it, John
    Least Favorite: I ended up as Marge in the Coen Character Flow Chart (Discriminated against by location!)

    • Heh… it still cracks me up that like half of my hits in the first 2 or 3 months came out of a country club bar in Madison. It’s too bad I can’t track how many hits I got from you spreading the word.

      Anyway, you should take the Coen Flow Chart thing again in about 30 days and see where you end up.

  3. Don

    Congrats John! Glad we could be a little part of your stats for the year. Of course it is the content that drives your numbers. I love this site, and I don’t even like movies… 😉

  4. Keep up the great posting! Love this site.

    • Thanks so much for the support, Keith.

      (I kind of feel like I need to mention Kelly, too, since she’s my most active commenter… so, thanks to Kelly)

      • Kelly

        Aw, shucks. Thanks. I have to say this is the second site that I’ve ever subscribed to, the first being IMDb, which is where I found you.

        • And the IMDB thing pays off yet again.

          • Kelly

            And congrats on the one-year anniversary! I finally got my gravatar pic to change and it seems very appropriate for the occasion. As for my favorite post of yours… I can’t pick only one. But what I like most is the diversity of your subjects and they way you present them. (Throw some more quizzes at us!)

  5. Jim

    Congrats on the year, John, and thanks for the mention above as well as being so vocal over at our blog. I hope you have many October 19th’s in the future!

    • BWB has completely renewed my love affair with beer. Whatever free samples companies send you, you’ve earned because I know that I actively try to purchase things that get favorable reviews from you.

  6. rtm

    Happy bloggie birthday and happy St Patty’s Day!! Thank you for the link love and I am so grateful I’ve found you as well, your blog always puts a smile on my face and a good refuge after a long day at work. And I love your tagline ‘Come for the stick figures. Stay for the Bergman’ Just perfect 😀 Keep up the great work, man.

  7. @da_Rhettster

    Happy birthday. In blog-years, you’re 2.7 years old. Don’t ask me why that is. I don’t make up the rules.

    Geez… get off my back

  8. I should probably thank heyzeus, too. Given that guy’s taste in movies, it makes me very happy that he’s a reader.

  9. I, like so many others, found your blog on the IMDb hit list. I guess if you get on there, you’d have to be pretty darn good. I’ve since started my own WordPress blog and I’ve had a ton of fun updating it. Thanks.

  10. Jonah

    Really like the blog John – I’ve never read one before, never mind returned regularly or been a commentor. (and I am on that interweb all the time)

    I’ve always loved film myself and reading your pages has given me a bit of a nudge to try out some new stuff or watch things I’ve been meaning too and never did.

    So thanks again, great stuff

  11. heyzeus

    Your next post should be “Movies featuring the Cardinals,” in honor of the season nearly starting.

    • I have very very very seriously considered doing that, especially after I watched “Death on the Diamond” a few weeks ago:

      But after that and “The Scout” where Encino Man strikes out Ozzie Smith in the World Series, I’m not sure what else there is.

  12. Stu

    Happy 1st. I just celebrated mine just a few months ago.

  13. Happy Birthday, TDYLF! And “Full Meta Jacket” just became my favorite blog post title of all time.

  14. fuzzywuzzy

    Seems weird that it’s been a year…hell of a lot of fun we’ve had. Here’s to TDYLF in year two!

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