The Women of the Criterion Collection: A (Fake) Calender

The other day, I found myself wishing that movies turned people on the way they turn me on, metaphorically speaking. This led to some pondering about what exactly does turn movie geeks on? How about seedy calendars?!?! And with that, I present to you my proposal to the Criterion Collection- a calendar featuring the sexiest ladies that the Criterion Collection has to offer. And yes, Deneuve is the August pic. Because my birthday is in August. Happy birthday to me!


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16 responses to “The Women of the Criterion Collection: A (Fake) Calender

  1. Kelly

    October… a sexy nun? Lol!

  2. Kelly

    Ha ha! Yeah, that and wacking the backs of hands with rulers. (S & M?)

    • I love referring to Black Narcissus as “the original nunsploitation movie”. For 1949, it does some gutsy stuff. Not “Runa’s Confession” gutsy and not “Killer Nun” gutsy or “School of the Holy Beast” gutsy, but it’s also 100 times better overall than those others.

  3. Love the Boob C’s!

  4. Phil

    Love, love, love Woman in the Dunes

    • It’s fantastic. But is it blasphemy if I prefer Pitfall and Face of Another, out of that trilogy, to Woman in the Dunes? (this is splitting hairs; that’s how little of a difference there is in my enjoyment of the three)

  5. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    The Ice Storm makes my all-time top 50 list. What happened to 1970s key parties? I didn’t know that was from the Criterion collection. The women of the Ingmar Bergman films could have their own calendar.

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  7. Absolutely flawless execution.

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