Infographic: What is RoboCop Dreaming About?

I finally watched RoboCop (1987) for the first time ever- yes, first- last week. With all of those sequences where Officer Alex Murphy (a.k.a. RoboCop) had to shut himself down, it made me wonder- what would a half man/half robot policeman dream about? I think I’ve found the answer:


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8 responses to “Infographic: What is RoboCop Dreaming About?

  1. Do robocops dream of electric sheep??

    I’m not sure if the 70’s show, the Lions thing or the Directive 4 things got me to laugh louder!

  2. I wrote a huge paper for a sci-fi class in college on Robocop as postmodernism. It would probably make me laugh now, but I’ll stand by it.

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