Martin Scorsese-Themed Breakfast Cereals

If pop culture can give us breakfast food like C3PO’s and E.T. Cereal, I think they can do better. C3PO and E.T. might sell a tasty cardboard-like product to kids, but what about for the adults? Don’t we eat cereal as well? Here’s my proposal for some cereals that revolve around Martin Scorsese films:


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23 responses to “Martin Scorsese-Themed Breakfast Cereals

  1. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a great big bowl of Alpha Batts!

  2. hehehe How funny!!

    Pure genius! Shredded Island had me in stitches!!


  3. Brilliant! Marty would be proud. 🙂


  4. fuzzywuzzy

    Casin-O’s…just brilliant.

    • The Age of Mini-Wheats is my personal fave. There’s something about the notion of making a breakfast cereal about a 19th century romantic period piece.

  5. This has to be in the running for one of your funniest posts! Every single cereal made me crack up! Bickleberry Crunch and All-Bran Doesn’t Live Here Anymore are my personal faves.

    • Heh… the All-Bran one is a lot like The Age of Mini-Wheats. Can you imagine a cereal themed around a melodrama about a truck stop waitress?

  6. Do any of these come with a free toy?

    • Oh man, excellent idea! I completely neglected the toy angle! Little plastic dice would’ve gone great on the Casin-O’s box; maybe a tiny little razor for mohawks and such on Bickleberry Crunch; or a punching bag send-away with the Raging Bran.

  7. Excellent! I was very amused. Particularly by Bickleberry Crunch. Look at the pure joy on Travis’ face. If that isn’t enough to sell cereal to the masses I don’t know what is. Great post.


    • Ha… I hadn’t thought of it as “pure joy” as much as I had “pure insanity” but i LOVE that description. Thanks for visiting!

  8. rtm

    Mwahahaha, they really ought to consider these for special edition cereal box. But that Age of Innocence one just felt… inappropriate… y’know, people might get frisky there eating cereals in the morning, not exactly good when the kids are around 😀

  9. Kelly

    Bickleberry Crunch? LMAO! I want a bowl of that.

  10. Ahaha love it! Nothing like a bowl of Raging Bran in the morning to get things started 🙂

  11. Dan

    Very funny…love the designs! I think I’d have to go for The Age of Mini Wheats.

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