Minimalist Designs of Famous Film Hairstyles

Nike recently released a series of t-shirt designs that pay homage to classic Major League Baseball hair styles. Every great player in the last 30 years who featured a goatee, an afro, a fu manchu, a beard, or a simple mustache is featured on these shirts. Upon seeing Nike’s creations, my thoughts naturally shifted towards what a similar design style would look like with movie characters. Here are some minimalist designs of famous film faces and hairstyles:


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32 responses to “Minimalist Designs of Famous Film Hairstyles

  1. OH My!!

    I would so buy some of those (I think you have found a niche)

    Kill Bill and The Godfather please, Medium in size…..:)

    Invisible Man is a masterstroke too.


  2. Vladdy

    Wow. These are extremely cool.

  3. Awesome!! You are on fire sir 🙂

  4. rtm

    Love this post!! You can make posters or even t-shirts out of these, John. The Princess Leia one is so darn cute!!

  5. Amazing! They kind of remind me of the default Facebook profile silhouettes. There’s Something About Mary and The Invisible Man are my favourites!

    • Someone should make “Facebook profiles” for movie characters.

      • MD

        Some people do make profiles for fictional characters, but it’s usually more of a ‘teenagers obsessing about some show’ kind of thing. I know that there are profiles for all the people on VAMPIRE DIARIES if only because of my sister’s obsession.

      • @da_Rhettster

        “someone?” I think you just found your next entry. I would love to see Daniel Plainview’s FB Status.

        “Needin’ another milkshake. I’m finished!”

  6. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    What is the rule of thumb on eyebrows? Kill Bill, Borat, Blacula—eyebrows. The rest–no eyebrows although I could be wrong about the Invisible Man.

  7. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    Along the lines of the Invisible Man, I think you could do also do a Yul Brynner or Telly Savalas picture.

  8. nimorphi

    I need to correct you on something. It is Memoirs of the Invisible Man. Chevy Chase in his career defining role. If it is not that one, I have no idea what you are referring too? Hollow Man 2 maybe?

    • Heh… there are lots of movies that would work for that one, really, up to and including the Claude Rains version of “Invisible Man”.

  9. LIFE AQUATIC! I was praying Steve Zissou would be included.

    • That’s the one that came out waaaay better than any of the others. I didn’t expect it to work but it turned out nice and clean.

      Seriously, you peeps should see the ones that hit the cutting room floor. The Woody Allen one from “Bananas” looked like someone opened up Photoshop and used a fictional mashed potatoes filter to fling oddly colored things at the palette.

  10. I want that Serpico t-shirt! Seriously.

    • That one and Moe Greene will be the two that I have a soft spot for. Mostly because beard + black stocking cap is quite possibly the coolest look ever.

  11. Bahaha!!! I love the Something About Mary!

  12. Don

    Too cool! Can you do me?

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  15. Mark

    Are these for sale?

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