Genre Change: Horror Versions of Non-Horror Films

The horror genre’s culinary equivalent is the mushroom. If you like it, you love it. If you don’t like it, you’re repulsed by it and probably won’t go anywhere near it. At best, you might put up with mushrooms (or horror films) for the sake of a date. But you won’t enjoy it. As for me, I love mushrooms and wish they were in every dish I ate. Here are some non-horror dishes that I’ve given a new flavor by adding mushrooms. Er… I mean, horror.


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16 responses to “Genre Change: Horror Versions of Non-Horror Films

  1. @da_Rhettster

    Wow. 13 Going on Werewolf actually sounds like a movie that would be pitched and greenlit. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you an actual imaginary quote that came from that very pitch:
    “Imagine High School Musical meets Twilight.”

    I guaran-damn-tee someone in Hollywood has uttered those words.

  2. Oh My Days, 13 going on Werewolf had my in stitches again!! LOL

    Thanks, great lunch time giggle.


  3. 13 Going on Werewolf ahah, good one 🙂 Also liked Disemboweling Miss Daisy!

    • I’m partial to the Harry/Sally one, if only because I’ve said for a long time that it’s how they should’ve ended the movie. Or made a similar movie starring Tom Hanks and done the same thing.

  4. I like Disemboweling Miss Daisy…though, I would probably be more inclined to see Scott Pilgrim vs. Jason rather than the original film.
    Thanks for the laugh!

    • I think Scott Pilgrim could take him. Maybe the plot would revolve around Scott Pilgrim having to defeat Seven Evil Ax (Murderers).

  5. heyzeus

    These are so good. Is that the car from Christine in the Miss Daisy poster?

    • Haha… you caught me. It’s a mashup of the Christine poster and the Driving Miss Daisy poster. The original Christine poster even had the blue filtered rearview mirror.

  6. rtm

    Mwahahahaha… John, oh John, you’re killing me man. That first one is Harry Met Sally Met Fatal Attraction… for the 13 Going On Werewolf you should add hair to her hands and legs, John 😀

  7. Big laughs. The Harvey: Portrait of a Serial Killer one had me (almost) pissing myself (because I actually watched Henry no less than two weeks ago). These are ingenious.

    • I got the idea while watching “Kramer vs. Kramer” over the weekend. “What if Billy grew up to be a serial killer who only murders divorce lawyers and mothers who abandon their children?”

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