The Ten Best Gibberish Words in TV Scrabble

It’s a time honored tradition in sitcoms. A family sits around a table, preparing for family game night. The Scrabble™ board is placed on the table, and the family begins connecting words. And then, someone plays a gibberish word that doesn’t exist. Here are the ten best:

#10. The Show: Family Ties
The Character: Alex P. Keaton
The Word: ushnuu
The Definition/Used in a Sentence:
“It’s Greek for… towel off”

#9. The Show: Golden Girls
The Character: Sophia Petrillo
The Word: disdam
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: “You’re no good at disdam game”

#8. The Show: Frasier
The Character: Charlotte
The Word: 
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: 
“Her grandmother’s bed was warm and… quilty.”

#7. The Show: Friends
The Character: Ross Geller
The Word: 
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: 
“a nautical term”

#6. The Show: 
Three’s Company
The Character: Jack Tripper
The Word: zixik
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: “an Abyssinian nose-flute.”

#5. The Show: Roseanne
The Character: Darlene Conner
The Word: 
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: “of, pertaining to, or having the characteristics of a bucket”

#4. The Show: Spaced
The Character: Daisy Steiner
The Word: pro-v
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: “It’s the ingedient in the shampoo that makes the hair silky and smooth”

#3. The Show: Alf
The Character: Alf
The Word: 
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: “A relative who wears meat”

#2. The Show: Seinfeld
The Character: 
Cosmo Kramer
The Word: 
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: 
a medical term: to quone something. “A patient gets difficult, you quone him”

#1. The Show: The Simpsons
The Character: Bart Simpson
The Word: kwyjibo
The Definition/Used in a Sentence: “a big, dumb, balding North American ape. With no chin. And a short temper.”


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25 responses to “The Ten Best Gibberish Words in TV Scrabble

  1. There is the drink spitting humour!!

    Today it was ‘The Golden Girls’ that got me…disdam!! Hilarious.

    Great post John, must take ages to research these beauties!!

  2. fuzzywuzzy


  3. Kelly

    Ditto, fuzzywuzzy!! And I always loved was the clever way Darlene described Roseanne’s mouth as becoming “quite buckety” when she yelled. I also remember watching the Three’s Company and The Golden Girls episodes mentioned. But I do have to agree: ‘garge’ does sound like a nautical term.

  4. This post is straight-up genius!

  5. Erin

    Genius, warm and quilty!!Lol Where you come up with this stuff I never know!

  6. I was surprised at how often we see Scrabble on TV. The only ones of these I can remember are the Spaced and Simpsons ones. Great job!

    • I strangely remember the Alf one. It’s strange because my mom used to tell me I shouldn’t watch that show because “it’s so stupid”

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  8. I made the word Hornvote once. It was a stab in the dark, but it certainly sounds plausible. I’m pretty certain I heard it used on children’s TV some years later, but I could never prove it. I’ve always been bitter about not getting those points.

    I’m glad Spaced got a mention too, I didn’t know it had ever aired over in the States. Great show.


    • I would guess that “hornvote” is how clowns vote for their Union leader at clown union meetings. Wokka wokka…

      “Spaced” is one that I got through Netflix, and subsequently bought. I went nuts for that show.

  9. I was a bit sad to discover this scene from Red Dwarf missing. Jozxyqk!

  10. rtm

    I never notice the Scrabble stuff even though I watch some of these shows regularly. Boy I miss Frasier, that was my favorite sit com ever… I just LOVE Niles!

  11. Matt

    I thought from Family Ties that the word for towel off was zoqwo. I have been using that expression for twenty years!
    Can you check on that?

    • Here you go- it was part of the same dialogue. From the Family Ties trope page:

      Dad Steve puts down “zoquo”, Greek for water sports. When Alex is accused of hoarding the U’s so nobody can use a Q (which doesn’t make sense; a normal Scrabble set contains only one Q, which already would be in “zoquo”), he puts down “ushnuu”.
      Alex: Yeah, it’s Greek for… towel off.
      Steve: Use it in a sentence.
      Alex: After I zoquo I like to ushnuu.

  12. Instead of fake words I like to make up fake definitions for crazy Scrabble words like izar – a headless and tailless lizard. See more at

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