Breaking Bad Spinoffs I’d Like to See

One of the secrets to creating a good TV show- among many secrets- is to create a deep cast of interesting characters, all with unique personalities and motivations. This is especially true after the protagonists have been established. Breaking Bad is a show that excels in this arena. Almost immediately after Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were in place, we started to meet the galaxy of characters that would generate the tension that makes the show work so well. On the brink of season four (starting July 17th), I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about these characters and how they might work if they had their own shows. Here are some spinoffs I’d like to see:

This duo makes up a perfect D.E.A. pair and deserve their own show:

Badger in a 1950’s style family sitcom? Sign me up:

How about an animated show about two chickens who are chefs by day and crime-fighters by night?

With all of his fun illegal chicanery, you know it’s only a matter of time before this happens.

Obviously, most of these are intended for a lark, but this one has some plausibility. If there was a spinoff like this, I guarantee I’d watch it:

This could go either way- either as a zany sitcom, or as a serious drama about a kid making his way in college despite a whole bunch of skeletons in his family’s closet:

This picture alone should tell you how and why this would work. Call it Meth Gothic:


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6 responses to “Breaking Bad Spinoffs I’d Like to See

  1. HAHA Great work John. I love that you managed to get your favourite type of shot in here as well (the from the car trunk shot)

    I am loving this show and that is down to you matey. Thanks for enlightening me to it!!


  2. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad but this is hilarious. I might have to give it a try…

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  4. Okay, it’s official. The first two seasons of Breaking Bad will be in my hands in approximately four days. Let the high-jinx begin 😉

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