Filmenstein: Creating a Body from Body Parts Severed in Movies

If you see enough movies, you’re eventually going to see a lot of people lose parts of their bodies. Name any part of the body and it has surely been severed at one time or another in a movie. But what’s happening to these body parts after they’ve been detached? They can’t ALL be going to into the medical waste bin. There has to be a better use for them. For instance, you could easily create a Frankenstein’s monster out of the body parts that have been severed in movies. Here is how it should be done:




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14 responses to “Filmenstein: Creating a Body from Body Parts Severed in Movies

  1. Ha, I was wondering how you’d get around the genitals. I haven’t seen Teeth yet (I’m a little scared to, to be honest) but as soon as I saw it listed I nodded my head in agreement!

    Well done!

    • That specific scene was, not surprisingly, very uncomfortable. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 on Netflix, or what it’s worth- a decent, fun, uncomfortable horror movie.

  2. hehe Great work again John.

    I would have probably taken the tongue from Old Boy, but that is a bit predictable probably

    • There were, strangely, a lot of tongue choices. Se7en, Alice in Wonderland (the Burton one), Ichi the Killer… Ichi could have had a whole body to itself.

  3. This is one heck of a monster! I’d like to see this film altogether. It would be a real slaughterhouse!

  4. Great idea! But if you took the severed hands from ‘Empire’ and ‘Evil Dead 2,’ wouldn’t that leave you with two right hands?

  5. That’d be one gruesome-looking body. At least it’d have a nice, polished pedicure.

  6. Alexandra

    Two things.
    1. Good news, Forrest Gump has all your leg needs covered. You can save Saving Private Ryan’s for another monster.
    2. I didn’t really think of Teeth as a horror movie. In fact, the friend I watched it with and I thought it could be kind of a neat backstory for a superhero (kind of an antihero, I guess), and my friend decided the name the girl should take is Vagilante. I’d watch more installments of that.

    • “Vagillante” is hilarious. Thumbs up for the creativity there.

      Given the nefarious nature of all of her victims, I can definitely see the point about her being a hero of sorts.

  7. Does Luke’s hand from empire still contain the force and a lightsaber?

  8. This is a great idea. But the finished product would look far too fucked up, no one would want to look at it. TEETH can’t be the only movie with a severed penis. Or is it? You should do a female counterpart and for the vagina, have Charlotte Gainsbourg’s severed clitoris from ANTICHRIST.

  9. Ignorance is Bliss

    Face- Silence of the Lambs

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