Using Pop Culture to Reimagine Tony LaRussa’s Bullpen Call

The World Series has come to St. Louis. The fifth game of the seven game series, played Tuesday night, featured one of the stranger odysseys in baseball history. Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa reached for the bullpen phone and informed the coaches in the bullpen to warm up Mark Rzepczynski and Jason Motte. The plan was to use the left-handed Rzepczynski against the left-handed hitting David Murphy, and then bring in Motte to face the dangerous Mike Napoli. But all hell broke loose. For whatever reason, LaRussa’s phone call was misinterpreted on the receiving end and Rzepczynski faced Napoli, who crushed what proved to be the game-winning double. Lance Lynn, who was supposed to have the night off, inexplicably showed up on the mound when LaRussa finallly relieved Rzepczynski. The next day, someone created a photo (to the right) reimagining how that phone call must have gone and it added much needed levity to a disappointing defeat on baseball’s biggest stage. I’ve decided to carry on with the levity using other famous phone calls from pop culture.


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8 responses to “Using Pop Culture to Reimagine Tony LaRussa’s Bullpen Call

  1. Ha! This was pretty funny… though we’re still a bit disappointed about the Cards beating out the Brewers here in WI. Oh well.

  2. Hehehe. I don’t really understand the baseball references, but I get what you’re trying to do and it did make me laugh quite a bit. That GOODFELLAS one is a stroke of genius!

  3. Can’t believe that Game 6 was postponed, I was so looking forward to the game! Hilarious reimagining of the call. I didn’t know it was some foul up in the bullpen, I thought that was LaRussa’s being dumb.

  4. Dan

    Awesome! I’m a Cards fan in St. Louis, but it’s always fan to see LaRussa look silly. I’m hoping they turn it around tonight and force a seventh game. Fun post!

  5. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    As a Cardinals fan, I’m too invested in the World Series right now to find humor in the situation. Right now, I’m just pissed off it happened. In the grand scheme of things, it is good for more teams in different markets to grow their fanbase through their own winning tradition. If the Yankees went to the World Series every year, the short term TV ratings would be better but it would eventually kill baseball’s nationwide popularity. I should be happy that the Rangers are beginning to put together a winning tradition and people in Texas can expand their sport fan interests beyond football. Right now, I would prefer that the Cardinals just win the next two games in St. Louis.

  6. Completely over my head I am afraid!! Happy Friday John

  7. BWAHAHAHAHA! You owe me a new keyboard! Mine’s covered in spit-up coffee now! My fav is the Drew Barrymore/Scream shot. NOT NAPOLI! How many times have I cried like a baby when he’s been at the plate…

  8. Hilarious! game 6 was the best series game ever!!!

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