The Dexter Drinking Game

Showtime recently renewed Dexter for two more seasons. Thanks to the gleeful eeriness of this year’s serial killing duo, the Doomsday Killers, I’m officially on board for more Dexter. But if I’m going to watch two more seasons, I’m going to do it the right way. We’ve now seen nearly six full seasons. Character patterns have emerged and been cemented. Each week, you can expect several things to happen. To continue watching the show the right way, I’ve come up with The Dexter Drinking Game. Here are the rules:


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13 responses to “The Dexter Drinking Game

  1. Staci Alexander

    Seriously, the one about Deb would give you alcohol poisoning in ten minutes.

  2. Fuckballs, I’m too young to drink, so I can’t watch Dexter.

  3. HAHAH How funny.

    Man I need to watch this again. I think we gave up on Series three. The one with John Lithgow?

    How many series have we missed?

  4. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    With Dexter, I’m all in…..even if it is last couple of seasons of Heroes bad….or the “dream sequence season” of Roseanne bad…or “Richie Cunningham gets married over the phone” on Happy Days bad…or “the current season of Whitney” bad….I’m in for the long haul and will doom myself to drinking myself into a fetal position because the show has found a formula and stuck to it.

  5. Hear! Hear! Big fan of Dexter. I haven’t had cable for years but this is one series I made an effort to seek out. It is also one of the few series I have actually stuck with. Yike! This Dexter tricking game sounds dowright dangerous. I sure do love “the rita” thing (I was not unhappy to see Rita go). Fuckballs…I do love Deb’s commode mouth!

  6. Haha, nice work! That’s a pretty good way to get hammered with every episode.

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  8. A drink every time Deb says “Thanks for the FUCKING vote of confidence”?

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