Campaign Posters if Movie Characters Ran for President

There have been a lot of movies featuring a lot of politicians. Some ran for president. Some never got that far, as far as we know. Many were on their way. And still other movie politicians didn’t even live in a democracy, and would need to run a campaign of sorts. That’s why I’ve put together these campaign posters for various movie character politicians in their quest for the White House.

EDIT: Probably poor form that I didn’t mention–this is part of the Large Association of Movie Blogs’ wonderful photoshop contests, found here.


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12 responses to “Campaign Posters if Movie Characters Ran for President

  1. HAHA these are great. We just had an election here in New Zealand to decide who would run the country. It was very tense, but the winner was predictable.

    Blutarsky for President!

  2. teehee John Maclane looks well shifty in that one!!

  3. McClane’s my favorite too! Since I’m practically apolitic I would love to vote for movie characters instead of politicians even if sometimes they feel like they’re movie characters…

  4. I’m increasingly falling in love with your posts. How do you get these ideas?

  5. rtm

    Ahahaha… awesome John! LOVE the McClane one, I mean he’s all bloody w/ that smirk on his face, right on! The Jefferson Smith one looked so real and he’s probably gonna make a good president too 🙂

    • The funny thing about the Jefferson Smith one- and actually, all of these except for Hynkel- is that it’s based on an actual presidential campaign poster. Or in Smith’s case, it’s an FDR campaign button, turned into poster form. Palpatine was an LBJ poster, Blutarsky was Reagan, McClane was McCain, and Stanton was Obama. It would’ve been my preference to put Stanton into a Clinton one but I couldn’t find any for some weird reason.

  6. You know McClane’ll get the job done because he’s got blood on his face.

  7. I would vote for someone named Palpatine.

  8. Nice work once again! Really dig that McClane ad.

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