Movie Scenes That Adequately Represent My Angst About Albert Pujols Leaving St. Louis

Within two hours of waking up today, I found out that Albert Pujols, 1B for the St. Louis Cardinals, had signed a free agent contract to go play baseball for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim In California In the United States of North America. I kid; their real name is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. As a St. Louis resident and as a diehard fan of the Cardinals, I’ve seen the entirety of Albert Pujols’ career. And what a career it’s been. I know that most of my readers aren’t baseball fans, so allow me to explain it in quick, easy ways. He is one of the very best right-handed hitters to ever play the game of baseball. He is a legend. He is the kind of player who will force baseball fan parents to tell their kids, “I saw Albert Pujols play baseball”, and their baseball fan children will look on in awe. For 11 years, I have had the extraordinary luxury of being able to drive five miles, put down $20 (or less), and watch this person perform. I have been blessed by the baseball Gods.

He’s also something of a civic icon in St. Louis. He has a restaurant here. He has several charitable interests. He’s very active in the community. It was unthinkable that he’d ever leave. It was preordained that one day, the Cardinals would put a giant statue of him outside the stadium, just as they had with their previous icon, Stan Musial. And then today, the unthinkable happened. This being a movie website, I’ve compiled several movie scenes that encompass the full range of emotions I’ve had since the news went public. They include sadness, anger, shock, ball-and-face-punching despair, and other emotions. Here they are:


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20 responses to “Movie Scenes That Adequately Represent My Angst About Albert Pujols Leaving St. Louis

  1. HAHA fantastic! Brilliant choices! Love that Animal House clip. Another good one would’ve been John Goodman attacking the sports car in THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

  2. What’s with the 10 years??!!

  3. Inventive way of portraying your sorry John. I’m sorry to hear your hometown icon is leaving. But I guess you wouldn’t want to pay him $250 million over 10 years, that’s way too much, even for Pujols.

    • Yeah, for a market like STL, the Cardinals really can’t afford to pay guys that much money. They made a very good offer, and they come out looking pretty good in all of this. The town hates Pujols right now (not that I do… but I understand where peeps are coming from). I would’ve been annoyed with the Cardinals if they’d dropped that much cash on him. Glad for Pujols, glad that I could keep watching him play here in STL, but annoyed with the Cardinals for doing it.

      • The guy who met Kevin Meany

        This is the most betrayed I have ever felt as a sports fan. Also, nobody goes to Anaheim and gets better. Its where great players go to be forgotten.

        • There’s no way he’ll get better. He’s 32, learning a new league, etc…

          Still, Pujols losing a step is losing a step that no other player had to begin with.

  4. Would have been pretty cool to have dueling statues of “The Man” and “The Machine”…Think he’ll even get a little statue now?

  5. Totally. I’ve been sad Vader for 24 hours now. Hard habit to stop! And no way he gets a statue now, right? I’d spit on it (sorry, I’m hurt right now!).

  6. Funny cause I’m not a Baseball fan at all but I felt the same way and maybe even worse in my case when the Quebec Nordiques left for Colorado… When I read the news I immediately thought of you ’cause you’re the only person I know who lives in St. Louis!

  7. Dan

    Being a St. Louis native and Cards fan, I’m actually sort of relieved he didn’t sign for 10 years. I do think it’s going to hurt their talent in the next 3-4 years (barring any big signings), but it’s smart in the long run. Still, I don’t have any serious anger like some against Pujols for leaving. It’s an insane amount of money, but he made no qualms about treating his decision strictly from a business sense.

    • Agreed on all parts. I’m not angry at him at all, or the team. It’s just too bad that we won’t get to see him do stuff that so few other players in the history of the game have done. That’s the kicker for me.

  8. Wait a minute, am I mistaken or didn’t your Cardinals just win the World Series this year?

  9. For whatever reason, probably the E. St. Louis connection, this scene came to mind.

    • That’s very well-played. I salute you, sir.

      I will now picture Albert and Deirde driving off in a station wagon with “Honky Lips” painted on the side.

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  11. First of all John I would like to say, very clever blog post.

    Secondly, let that fat old lady go. We had him at his best and now he’s one elbow injury away from being a $220 million dollar bench warmer, or a Disney character like “The Rock” .

    Thirdly and finally, if you ever make me watch any scene from Old Yeller again we will not be friends anymore. It’s just too sad, and I know I am a huge pussy for saying it ruined my day. HA!

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