The Hermes Conrad “Sweet” Quote Cloud

Hermes Conrad is one of the great sources for running gags on Futurama. He’s always referencing green snakes and sugarcane fields. He’s always keeping an eye out for his beloved manwich. He almost always refers to his wife, LaBarbara, only as “wife”.  He seems to end up naked more than anyone else on the show. But the best running Hermes gag is what could only be known as his catchphrase–”Sweet _______ of ________!” It always rhymes, it involves bizarre objects, and they’re placed in bizarre locations. Here they are, all in a quote cloud:


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4 responses to “The Hermes Conrad “Sweet” Quote Cloud

  1. HAHAH Love it John.

    I am back of my hols, sorry for my absence!! HEHE

    Happy New Year

  2. Vladdy

    With the right clearances, you could sell that as a poster

  3. Adam

    Sweet reawakening of me, a jamaicanan!

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