Infographic: The Criterion Collection By The Numbers

The Criterion Collection has been providing film aficionados with top-flight content since 1984. Their mission is a noble one–a “commitment to publishing the defining moments of cinema for a wider and wider audience”. Along the way, they’ve restored and made hundreds of films available; adopted Janus Films; and created the Essential Art House and Eclipse Series divisions. They currently list 820 selections on their website (70 are out of print). The list comprises many of the most important films ever made. Here’s an infographic that breaks down the Criterion Collection:

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29 responses to “Infographic: The Criterion Collection By The Numbers

  1. Sadly, there are actually 2 Michael Bay films in the collection. More than Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jacques Rivette, Bela Tarr, and Pedro Almodovar combined.

  2. Amazing infographic! I must admit that I don’t own any Criterion collection movies (hangs head in shame).

  3. Great infographic! I share the obsession about this amazing Collection! I like the fact that the five most represented directors are foreign ones!

    • It sort of speaks volumes for the importance of Criterion that the top 5 most featured directors include my very favorite directors. I’m a huge fan of Bergman, Kurosawa, and Malle, and I wouldn’t be if Criterion hadn’t made so many of their films available.

  4. John, you should fly to Baltimore for mid january showings of Godard’s “Le Weekend” at the Charles Theatre. I can’t wait to see it on the biog screen.

    • Weekend would be an amazing movie to see on the big screen. One of the local universities in STL (Webster) has a film series and I think all through July, they show French films. Last year, they showed a lot of Truffaut. It’s not a traditional theater setting but it’s still a big screen. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Weekend will be one of them this year.

  5. Awesome work matey. You are a genius with photoshop…and I hate you!

  6. excellent job with this. I love Criterion and don’t wanna be negative but this does show where they are lacking: . . . Africa, Latin America, Romania. Gender stats would be interesting as well.

    • That’s a really great point, and I’d love it if they featured more African films especially. Not because I’ve seen them and think they’re great, but because I’ve never seen any and would be very curious to see what they’re all about. You could probably put India in that category, as well.

  7. Nice work! I love me some Criterion Collection.

  8. Michael Bay has two films in the Criterion Collection? That’s a typo, right?


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    • Amazingly… no. Both Armageddon and The Rock are Criterion selections. I think at some point in the 90’s, Criterion was trying to become something different, and abandoned it very quickly. That’s just my speculation, though.

  9. Colin

    I think you mean 26 for the number of Kurosawa films. He directed only 30, and not all have been in the Collection.

    • I believe it includes all purchase options from the Criterion site, which would include the box set of 25 Kurosawa films, the Eclipse Series films from the Early Kurosawa set, the Essential Arthouse films, and a Yojimbo/Sanjuro box set. Basically, there’s a healthy dose of overlap.

      The figure comes directly from the Criterion site. On the Films page, there’s an option in the left nav to filter by director. It includes the number of purchase options.

  10. Good stuff. I have to agree totally with your response above, if it weren’t for Criterion I would never have seen the majority of the films I love now, including Kurosawa, Bergman, Kobayashi, etc.

    I keep a running tab of the Criterion films I’ve seen, hoping one day to at least hover around 50% or so. Tall order considering they’re constantly adding films, but it’s a mountain I love climbing.

  11. I’m not really a Criterion guys since I don’t buy DVD/Blu-Rays these days but this is a nice, insightful infographic John!

    • Ah! But you don’t have to buy- Netflix and Facets offer a variety of Criterion options (and Hulu too, if you’re doing the streaming thing).

      (sorry for the excitable reply; I’m sort of drunk)

  12. Max

    I saw this posted in my twitter feed the other day and thought it was kind of cool. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. Wow, such interesting info, and it must’ve taken a while to write down in this amazing format. Your infographics keep impressing me! As for Criterion titles, I only own 12, but I love them all, particularly my Fanny and Alexander box set, which is probably the best movie purchase I’ve ever made.

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