Return Dates for 2012 Cable TV Dramas

The next few weeks will be big if you’re a fan of cable and premium cable drama. Two of the heavyweights of cable TV drama will start their next seasons on the heels of the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead. It can be maddening if you’re a fan of these shows, waiting for the networks to wrap up production and air the next season. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve done a google search for this information the last few years, I’d… well, I’d probably have $50. But you get the idea. To help, I’ve compiled some updates (as of March 19) for the return of your favorite cable TV dramas.

Mad Men
Season 5 Premiere: March 25, 2012 at 9/8c
It’s been 17 months (and one week) since Matthew Weiner and his gang of writers dropped a Draper-sized bomb on viewers. Season 4 ended in late 1965, and Weiner recently implied that the series would end somewhere close to modern day. As such, there’s no telling where season 5 will pick up, especially since Weiner himself offers no hints. Given that the show is slated to conclude in three more seasons, you have to assume that time is going to begin to accelerate.

The Killing
Season 2 Premiere: April 1, 2012 at 8/7c
A full first season of plot twists and red herrings from the mind of writer and Executive Producer Veena Sud will be followed up with a second season starting on April 1. And viewers are still wondering- who killed Rosie Larsen? During season 2, the answer will be revealed. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps?

Game of Thrones
Season 2 Premiere: April 1, 2012 at 9/8c
After enjoying a wildly successful, Emmy-winning debut season, Game of Thrones returns with season 2 on April 1. If you’ve read George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, then you have a pretty good idea of what will happen to the Starks, the Lannisters, the Targaryens, and all of the other families that vie for power in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. If you’re like me, and haven’t read the books, then the wait for season 2 has felt like an eternity. The beauty of Game of Thrones is that it speaks to fantasy nerds and non-fantasy nerds alike. If you haven’t seen season one, I highly recommend it. Just don’t get too attached to a lot of characters.

Nurse Jackie, The Borgias, The Big C
Premieres: April 8, 2012 beginning at 9/8c
Showtime will debut new seasons for a trio of their shows on April 8th. The evening begins with Nurse Jackie opening season 4. Afterwards, The Big C will return for the third season. The big night on Showtime will conclude with Jeremy Irons and gang starting their second season in The Borgias. Between Irons, Edie Falco, and Laura Linney, there will be no shortage of star power.

Breaking Bad
Season 5 Premieres: July 2012
Though the actual date and time are still up in the air, both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have stated that Breaking Bad’s final season will begin in July 2012. On Twitter, Paul went so far as to say, “Make sure u wear your diapers because I’m pretty sure u will shit yourself”. As incredibly intense as the last two seasons have been, nothing has made me soil my shorts. I can only imagine what amazing things are in store. I think that Vince Gilligan’s creation has earned a place on the short list of the best dramas in TV history. For me, how they conclude it will ultimately determine how high it finishes on that list.

True Blood
Season 5 Premiere: Summer 2012
HBO’s soap opera/drama about vampires, werewolves, faeries, maenads, ghosts, werepanthers, Frankensteins mummies, leprechauns, and Alf… ok, some of those aren’t really in the show… will come back this summer. No official date has been listed by HBO but many fan sites have late June pegged for the continuation of the charcter arcs for Sookie, Eric, Bill and the rest.

Dexter, Homeland
Premieres: September 30, 2012 beginning at 9/8c
Everyone’s favorite serial killer will be back in action beginning in late September in season 7. He’ll have a lot to answer for after the way season 6 ended. This will mark the beginning of the end of the series, as Showtime President David Nevins has announced that season 7 will begin a two-season arc that will conclude Dexter Morgan’s run on TV. That same night, immediately following Dexter, critically-acclaimed Homeland will kick off season two.

Treme, Boardwalk Empire
Season 3 (both series) Premieres: September 16, 2012
Both of these series have been renewed by HBO for a third season, although the release date for each remains murky. Typically, HBO begins their shows around the same time each year. The assumption was that Treme would do the same, airing this spring. However, the air date has been delayed with an eye towards this fall. The same logic can easily be applied to Boardwalk Empire… but hey, at least the producers won’t have to worry about lining up one of their major actors, am I right?!?! (only laugh if you’ve seen season 2).


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13 responses to “Return Dates for 2012 Cable TV Dramas

  1. April 1st is a busy and great night huh?

    I am looking forward to most of these… but I am SOOOO needing a bit of Breaking Bad in my life, it almost hurts!!

    • Yeah, these next three weeks in general are loaded. Admittedly, I don’t watch any of those Showtime shows… but if anyone’s into them along with Mad Men and Game of Thrones, it’ll be a very busy next few weeks.

  2. I have a feeling the whole Mad Men ending with Don Draper being really old might be a Godfather III thing, where it’s just the last scene. But I could be wrong. Nevertheless I’m really excited for the next season. Also, super psyched the next Breaking Bad season is coming so soon.

    • That’d be an interesting way of going about it, and it’d make a lot more sense. I have to confess, I’m not looking forward to seeing Don Draper in the ridiculous 80s, if that’s the way they go. Half of the reason I enjoyed the show so much was the late 1950s/early 1960s motif, and the ad meetings.

      Breaking Bad… can’t come soon enough.

  3. Phil

    I’m currently watching and reading Game of Thrones – what a great series! I also just caught up with S1 of Boardwalk Empire. I’m a movie guy, but there cable series are as good as the best films being made today.

  4. Can’t wait for the new seasons of Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I am behind on Dexter and Treme (still need to see their last seasons) but will probably catch up on them soon. I’m just happy there isn’t a shortage of quality TV anymore.

    • These last few months have been rough because I haven’t had any of my shows on air. I had to take up Justified just to fill the down time.

  5. manilovefilmsdylan

    Can I catch up on Breaking Bad by July? That is the question…

    • If you’re like most people, you’ll watch the first episode and then be caught up in a month.

      • manilovefilmsdylan

        Woohoo, I’m not like most people!

        No, it’s not like that. Watched the first couple and liked it (of course), but then my wife got quite a few eps in front of me and I haven’t had the motivation to catch up just yet.

  6. Darah

    Phew, just finished Dexter S6, what a cliffhanger! So happy I was late watching it, less time for me to stew!
    As a season though, it was poor compared to the silly high standards Dex has set before. EJOlmos was terrible IMO, a totally phoned in performance, and Colin Hanks! It took me a few eps to realise who he was. He was rather good actually, after a shaky start. But that cliffhanger! Almost as gut wrenching as the end of S4. Its amazing how the littlest things hit you hard about characters you have so much invested in.

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