Game of Thrones: The Quiz

HBO will begin airing the second season of Game of Thrones this Saturday. All of your old friends from the Seven Kingdoms- well, MOST of your old friends from the Seven Kingdoms- will be back on your TV, regaling you with tales of the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons, and the rest. To help put you in the mood, and to refresh your memory about season one, I’ve put together a quiz.

You can find the answers here. How did you do?


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11 responses to “Game of Thrones: The Quiz

  1. I need to get drunk and go hunting.

  2. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    I bought the first four books; haven’t read them but they look awesome on my bookshelf.

  3. Darah

    21, and no cheating.
    Although the question about the knife is a bit misleading no?
    The knife belongs to King Robert, Gifted to him by Lord Baelish, who won it from Tyion Lannister.

    Although I have watched the series twice, and am currently on book 5 so any less would mean I wasn’t paying attention!
    I love this story. And read the books lads, fantastic and well written too.
    I love that its an adult fantasy story, with all the trimmings.
    The author paints a picture of a land I’d love to have lived in, but would have been terrified too!

  4. Darah

    Balls, I just realised that I may have spoiled the quiz a bit there, my apologies for that John. Typing without thinking.

    • Ha… no worries.

      That knife question took some careful phrasing to avoid the cheat… but it’s definitely a “gotcha” type of question. 21 is pretty freakin’ impressive.

      It amazes me how quickly I became a huge fan of that show. At this point, it’s one of my very favorites, right behind Breaking Bad.

  5. Ouch, only eleven here. I have a hard time remembering the names of some characters, particularly those with less screen time. Can’t wait for season two, though!

    • Just a few days away. You’re dead right- the names were the hardest part of putting it together. 11 is honestly pretty good, I think. My friend- the one who turned me on to the show in the first place- got 3 or something.

  6. Darah

    Is it weird that I’m subconciously adopting Throne speak into my daily life?
    My ‘lady wife’ thinks I’ve gone quite ‘mad king aerys’, when I’ve been naughty I plead her not to send me ‘to the wall’ and yes, the toilet is now ‘the Iron Throne’.

    • The other day, I caught myself saying “A LaRueister always pays his debts”. (LaRue is my last name)

      So I can relate.

      “The Iron Throne” made me laugh pretty hard.

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