Infographic: The Body Count in The Godfather: Part II

The other day, after seeing The Godfather on the big screen, I was motivated enough to create an infographic illustrating all of the deaths in the film. More importantly, I discovered just how head-over-heels I still am about that movie, and that trilogy. Re-watching the sequel seemed like the next natural step in the progression. That’s precisely what I did a few days ago. I’d be remiss if I didn’t put together yet another infographic, demonstrating the colossal number of deaths that occurred in the second film the same way I did for the first. Buckle your seatbelts, because the body count in the sequel was even higher. Obviously, there are a ton of spoilers that follow.

Like last  time, here’s some music from Nino Rota’s brilliant score to establish the proper mood.

And as always, feel free to click on the image to enlarge.


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18 responses to “Infographic: The Body Count in The Godfather: Part II

  1. Nice. I love small touches you’ve included such as Clemenza’s weight and Fredo’s fishing rod. Very funny and impressive stuff.

  2. Wither, Pat Geary’s prostitute.

    • I wish she’d had a name. Even the bodyguard, who doesn’t have a name in the credits, has a name elsewhere (the Godfather wikia; he’s “Busetta”).

  3. Nice infographic! I thought there were way much more killing in Part II…

  4. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    Nice work! Can’t wait for the Teddy Kennedy of the the trilogy. In Godfather 3, would the Cardinal’s death be the gravity, the ground, or the guy who pushed him?

  5. The Fredo one is awesome. I also had a chuckle at the Unborn Corleone, which is a little twisted of me.

    • I felt a little conflicted even including it, but in the end, I figured it’s a legit death in the film. Better comprehensive than dodging the issue.

  6. Unborn Corleone! I can hear Michael slap Kay across the face as she screams, “I had an abortion Michael!”. Great work Maestro Giovanni!

    • “THIS must ALL END!!!”

      That scene was crazy. I love how the way Vito builds his family is juxtaposed against the way Michael’s family falls apart.

  7. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    I actually just noticed that you gave Fanucci a black hand. Nice detail.

    • Thanks. I was hoping to get ahold of you the other night for details, but it worked out. I don’t even think of Fanucci as “Fanucci”. He’s the Black Hand.

  8. manilovefilmsdylan
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  10. Tom

    What about the guy that shot Roth?

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