Ruining Movie Posters with Comic Sans

Comic Sans is a font with an interesting place in the graphic design kingdom. Most designers hate it. Hell, most people hate it in general. And that’s because it’s a bad font. If you really want to know why, then read this article. If you use it, graphic designers and font nerds and lots of other people will laugh at you. To illustrate the point about how bad the font is, I’ve recreated a bunch of movie posters using Comic Sans instead of the original font. No matter the era or genre, I think you’ll see how inappropriate it is, even in comic book films. Consider it a public service announcement.


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40 responses to “Ruining Movie Posters with Comic Sans

  1. Ohhhhh The Dark Knight Rises. Oh Good Lord.

    • Ha… totally changes the tone, doesn’t it?

      • Ariel Sanserif

        no, not really.
        READ the text and accept the information. As long as you can read it, especially with the short messages shown in these examples, the graphic “style” of the font doesn’t effect the transmitted information. Just read it and stop trying to divine additional “secret” information from the shape of the letters – that’s crazy and means you are probably obsessive compulsive and perhaps even psychotic. Seek help please.

  2. I think The Godfather is the most jarring.

    • That’s the one I feel a little guilty about because I monkeyed around with the kerning to get it to fit the original font’s space. I should’ve let it stand in its original size and kerning.

  3. What? I don’t see a problem…

  4. John, you are such a font nerd! The Star Wars is awesome! Thor too!

    • Thor works (in the negative way) because it’s so different from the original, which was aiming for the “epic” font feel. And instead it got a crappy Comic Sans feel to it.

  5. Ha, awesome! You should do Osiris font next

  6. Hahaha just the title of this post was hysterical. Where do you get these ideas, John?

    • Ha… It’s two-fold here. I get paid to think about fonts and font usage in my daily life. But also, I have to cop to seeing it done with corporate logos some time last year and thought it’d be funny to apply it to movies.

  7. Love it. You could do one of these monthly and I’d never get sick of it.

    • Ha… good, because I had another thing like this in mind. Similar general idea, but not as limited. I’ll be revisiting it soon enough.

  8. Is it sacrilegious to say the Reservoir Dogs one kinda works?

  9. I’d say that American Beauty kind of works too.

    • It’s not as bad as the others, but if nothing else, there are big time letterspacing issues (for instance, the gap between the e and the a in ‘Beauty’; the tightness between the t and y in beauty; etc…).

  10. I am laughing my ass off. Thank you for that.

  11. Comic Sans sucks ass. Helvetica for the win.

    • Helvetica’s solid. I’m partial to Gotham and, to a lesser degree, Trade Gothic. Although the Gotham fad seems to have run its course.

  12. Oy! Let’s get the terminology right! Comic Sans is a typeface. 12 pt. Comic Sans is a font. 🙂

  13. So good I had to share it on Facebook. Great stuff, John!

  14. Alex Withrow

    Brilliant, just brilliant. And that video you linked to was hysterical. Awesome idea here. Just a god awful worthless font.

    • It’s funny how fast it became so hated. For a few years, it was just kind of a bonus typeface that people could use for their crappy flyers and stuff. Then in a year or two, everyone hated it.

  15. Ben

    I think that if I saw the Dracula poster out of context, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference!

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  17. Geoff

    I just had this same idea and googled “movie posters redone with comic sans”. I am sorry you were the one to do this wretched task but I appreciate your sacrifice. The squished Godfather is awesomely horrible.

    • Ha… go for it, Geoff. The more posters remade with Comic Sans, the worse the typeface will look to the rest of the world.

      I wish I hadn’t jacked as much with the kerning on The Godfather. I was so stuck on the idea of having it use the same space that I did it a disservice. It doesn’t need any help looking like crap.

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