Movie-Themed Birthday Cakes

The long and storied tradition of movie-themed birthday cakes begins when you’re young and someone hands you a cake featuring characters from your favorite animated movie. It usually ends as you approach adulthood, when cakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head are replaced with black forest, german chocolate, and peanut butter angel food (my personal favorite). But some people never get past that early stage of having movie-themed birthday cakes. Here are a lot of very diverse examples.

Kill Bill
They should have put “Hunger” on the list.

The Exorcist
I hope it’s not pea soup flavored.

Lord of the Rings
This cake is preeeeeecious.

Friday the 13th
Sure, it’s gory, but they did a really good job with this cake. Hats (or hockey masks) off to whoever made it.

The Dark Knight
I legitimately laughed for five minutes after seeing this. Whoever “Ben” is, he must have been a really good kid to deserve this cake.

Seven Samurai
Art house geeks have birthdays too.

Celebrate your birthday by chewing on Rocky Balboa’s junk! Technically, I think this is intended as a groom’s cake.

Notice the name on this impressive cake. It was actually made for Martin Scorsese’s birthday, and he enjoyed it. He’s even great at directing cake makers.

Back to the Future
Every bite is like a Huey Lewis soundtrack in your mouth.

Star Wars
If you get a minute, do a Google image search for “Chewbacca cake”. I could’ve made this list strictly from Chewbacca cakes. There are tons of them out there and they’re almost all funny. I chose this one because there’s something mildly disturbing about gnawing on the severed head of everyone’s favorite wookiee.

Top Gun
Whoever made this cake deserves a double high five.

 The Human Centipede
I’ve blurred out the birthday boy’s name to protect the innocent. Also, I love that they’ve included pictures to illustrate how the “cake” was assembled.

La Dolce Vita
Art house geeks have birthdays, too… Part Two.

There is some impressive detail on this particular cake. They could have just stuffed the alien down into it and they still would’ve had the cake-bursting effect. But they also made it crumbly around the exit wound. That’s good stuff.

 A Clockwork Orange
Clearly, best served with milk.

Animal House
This cake comes with instructions. The only way it could be better is if there was a tiny plastic Daniel Simpson Day at the helm.

The Terminator
I’ll be back… for seconds.

The Seventh Seal
It’s like playing a game of chess with deliciousness. And Miller Lite, apparently.

I have no words for this.

If you ever “cross the streams” on my birthday cake, I will kick your ass.


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31 responses to “Movie-Themed Birthday Cakes

  1. Awesome, would want to celebrate a birthday each day if I would get cakes like those!

  2. Who doesn’t want a Huey Lewis soundtrack in their mouth?

    Next year I’m getting a cake like this for my birthday; I don’t care who I have to pay or how much. These are amazing.

    • I’ve had a boob cake once, but never a movie cake. What movie will you get?

      • As predictable as this is, that Seventh Seal cake is pretty epic. And on the subject of Bergman, I wouldn’t mind a Harriet Andersson in Summer with Monika cake. There must be some way to make that happen… *goes to Google*.

  3. I need that Back to the Future cake, like now.

  4. This post made my day…though I will need some sort of therapy to get that Exorcist cake image out of my head.

  5. @da_Rhettster

    Are you sure that’s Chewbacca? I’m seeing some Al Sharpton in there…

  6. There was an awesome Ghostbusters cake on a while back where the Stay Puft Marshmallow man was standing up and the plasma streams actually lit up. These are all pretty fun too.

  7. The Human Centipede… just, wow…

  8. I just can’t believe that someone even thought of making a Human Centipede birthday cake!
    Btw, this week will be my birthday I hope I’ll get a birthday cake as cool as one of these!

  9. Peety Draws

    I want someone to make that batman one for me! LOL Cracked me up

  10. Amazing – A Clockwork Orange was my favorite until I saw Ghostbusters. Just brilliant.

  11. Ben

    As cool as they both looked, there would be no way I would ever eat either The Exorcist cake of the Human Centipede one. Imagine if you could recognise what your piece of cake was?!

  12. Some of them do seem, artistic merit not withstanding, beyond odd and are frankly awful cakes. Though there are some real winners here. High points for the Animal House and BTTF ones but Xanadu just made me laugh out loud:)

    Still, above all, and I may be alone on this, I don’t think anything is more odd than the LED birthday candle. Going green is one thing but that is preposterous:P

    • I can’t even fathom that somewhere in this world, there’s a person who loves Xanadu SO MUCH that they said “It’s my birthday! Let’s honor it with a cake that represents the best movie of all time- XANADU!”

  13. 5sos obsesser

    Is it weird that I REALLY want the Human Centipede cake?

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