Infographic: Fincher Facts

The fine folks at have reached out again to ask me if I’d create an infographic for them. Since they’re a really cool site that I enjoy, I was glad to do it. This time, I’ve created an infographic focusing on the career- film and otherwise- of David Fincher. Enjoy!

Click on the image to find Hark’s article, and click here to see the high resolution version.


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11 responses to “Infographic: Fincher Facts

  1. Another great infographic as usual. Kinda disappointed those weren’t Meatloaf’s actual tits.

  2. Alex Withrow

    Love this. The look and feel of your infographics is just so… you. You have your own visual voice, and I dig it.

    I had never heard of Groovy site.

    • Thanks, Alex. That’s music to a graphic designer’s ears. Call it a brand, so to speak, and it’s definitely something I strive for- font consistency, consistency with visual elements (like the silhouettes and thin rules), etc…

      Hark is a really neat place. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a specific sound byte from a film.

    • Thanks, Andy. If you remember the article about commercials I posted a few weeks back, this infographic was the impetus behind it. Once I found out about Fincher, it opened up a whole new can of worms with Bay, Ridley Scott, Rob Zombie, and the rest.

  3. Oh the traffic I imagine “Meat Loaf man boobs” will give you.

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