Infographic: The Death Toll in Breaking Bad

UPDATE, 9/29/13: The final version of this infographic may be found here.

Season 5 of Breaking Bad is now over, and we’re all stuck waiting until next year for the last eight episodes. The wait is going to be excruciating. Fans are left to reflect on the season that was, and re-watch previous seasons. Or, they can bide their time over the next year by checking out this infographic I’ve created that details all of the deaths that have occurred in the series, including the cause of death and the responsible party.

I have to tip my cap to the Breaking Bad Wiki, which supplied the vast majority of this information. And I should also tip my cap to Shahed Syed, whose amazing Dexter infographic helped give me a little inspiration. Click on the image for full resolution.


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103 responses to “Infographic: The Death Toll in Breaking Bad

  1. Simply Awesome!! I love this show so much and anythign to do with it is brilliant, and this is amazing!!

    Thanks John

  2. Holy crap, this is such a good infographic. I so can’t wait for the next season.

  3. Matt S.

    This is great. One (very minor) addition. At least one of Mike’s guys (that I can remember) had a name – Dennis Markowski. He was the laundry manager who tried to get the deal from Hank to go free, and was burned to death (presumably Mike’s guy #9 in the chart).

    • Ooh, nice. I knew some guy named “Dennis” was in there but I didn’t know which one he was. I was in such a rush to get it posted at the end of the episode that I got a little sloppy with “Mike’s Guys”.

      I’ll add Dennis.

  4. L

    Use this as a reference and you can fill in the blanks for all the missing “Mike’s Guys” names…

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  6. E

    I thought Juan Bolsa’s mansion was raided by DEA agents partnered with Mexican law enforcement? Gus set it up so the cousins would attack a DEA agent (Hank), thereby giving the US gov’t a reason to attack the cartel. The reason why the cousins wouldn’t touch Hank at first was that Bolsa did not want to start a war with the DEA.

    • Looking at the Breaking Bad Wiki, it mentions only an “unseen assailant”. I could see it going either way. Honestly, most of the info here came right from that Wiki to keep it simple and clean.

      • Jay Cjay

        I guess technically it was an “unknown assailant”, but as I recall right before he was shot he told Gus that “the army” had surrounded his house.

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  8. quasar

    The order of killing mike´s guys was given by Walt. I think walt is responsible for more deaths than just the ones he did by his own hands. He was the head behind a lot of the killings, and he was the one who give the order, like in the case of gale´s murder.

    • It’s honestly very hazy territory. You could argue that most of these characters wouldn’t have died if not for Walt’s involvement. Rather than dig into the hazy territory, I went right for the person most directly responsible.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. My jaw dropped when I saw this infographic. This is amazing, and I appreciate all the design work you put into it! I tip my Heisenberg hat to you. My favorite one is the one you made for Hector, complete with a bell. Seriously this is perfect.

    • Thank you very much, from one Breaking Bad fan to another.

      I do a lot of infographics here and they’re all fun to varying degrees, but I enjoyed this one more than most (all?) because each symbol was a reminder of some little slice of a great part of the show. And I knew that I had to do justice to the bigger moments- Tio’s bell, the plane, Tortuga, and of course Gus (note his face, if you haven’t already).

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  11. Wow, man, this is a beautiful infographic. I love how you used the pink teddy bear for the flight deaths (and Hector’s wheelchair, etc.). Brilliant stuff.

    It’s going to be a long wait till next summer…

    • Thanks, Eric. I thought about giving the bear a little more detail- a big eyeball, some scruffy edges, maybe a white belly and nose- but I don’t think it would’ve worked with the simplicity of everything else.

  12. thomas

    could you make a wallpaper version of this? more wide than tall

  13. Declan

    Season 5 of Breaking Bad is now over

    The first half is; the second half is still to come.

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  18. impsndcnma

    You created this!? It’s awesome I just saw it featured on /film page2. Congrats John.

  19. Haha amazing
    I love the tortoise bomb

  20. Sooner

    OMG! TORTUGA! This is genius.

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  22. nic

    This is amazing. Anyway I could buy a high resolution copy off you to make a hard copy poster? Awesome job!!!

  23. This is amazing! Anyway I could buy a high resolution copy off you so I could make a hard copy poster? I love this!!!

  24. Nice work! I love the icon treatment. I’m trying to avoid studying this graphic too closely since I’m not caught up with the series yet, heh.

    Thanks for the mention!

    • Thank you! And likewise, thanks for the inspiration. I saw your Dexter piece months ago from IMDb and I still reference it. It’s easily one of the best and most memorable things I saw on the Hit List.

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  27. you forgot the fly from the lab

  28. fogharty


    And I hate to point this out, but you left out the lady in the wheelchair with the handy van that the Cousins killed so they could transport Tio from the nursing home.

    I would also love a poster of this at series’ end.

    • Oooh… that’s a great catch. Honestly, I pulled all of these (minus the shiv montage) from the Breaking Bad Wiki. I wonder why she wasn’t on there.

  29. Lolzords

    You forgot to mention the guy Jesse guns down as he helps Gus make his escape.

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  32. Walt Whitman White

    I think you missed Donald Margolis, who committed suicide. Otherwise, brilliant!

  33. This might be your masterpiece, John. Two comments:

    I know it’s murky territory on some of these (ie, wouldn’t you say WW is the “responsible party” for, like, all of Mike’s guys?), but I think you’ve GOT to give WW the nod for Hector, Fring and Tyrus. Hector could not have done that himself even if he ultimately rang the bell.

    Second, I’m glad people are interested in buying it and you deserve all of the hits you get. On that note, though, you might want to see about getting the show’s blessing, if you haven’t already, before doing so. Shit, they’d probably love it. It’s fantastic.

    • Re: #1, it’s kind of a flaw in the system. I could have made a formula with multiple assailants (the Tio case is a perfect example, and Walt would’ve been the 2nd element in there). The “correction”, so to speak, is that even though Walt isn’t listed there, he’s listed with 11 kills in the periodic table, which would include those Tio kills.

      Re: #2, I definitely won’t be selling it without some approaching Sony (the rights holder) about it. Intellectual property and so forth.

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  35. Ira

    I was actually trying to remember all of the casualties that ensued from Walter’s rise to power not too long ago. This is a fortuitous time saver, and I applaud the quality of work. The “Periodic Table of Death” is a good touch. I have been watching the show for a long time now and simply have been blown away from the quality of the cinematography. Your incorporation of the various unique qualities of some of the show’s more remember able kills is brilliant. Keep up the good work.

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  40. fay

    heheee. love it. Combo’s mohawk is a nice subtle touch. Should Mrs. Peyketawa be feminine or did you intend to just have Jane that way?

    • You know… you’re absolutely right. Mrs. Peyketewa should definitely be female. I originally had it as all male and then my friend said “What about Jane? Shouldn’t she have a female body?”

      In my haste, I forgot Mrs. Peyketewa.

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  42. Chris


    Tight, Tight, Tight! Thank you for all your hard work! Below is a list I compiled from the prison montage. I am not completely sure who the two question marks are but I hope this helps.

    # Character Death Person Features
    1 Ron Forenall B Ma Door Closes
    2 Andrew Holt B Ma Standing & Head Slammed
    3 Jack McGann Sv Ma Pushed to Ground
    4 Isaac Conley Sv Ma Shot through small corner mirror
    5 ??? Sv Ma Shower (Dark Hair)
    6 Raymond Martinez U Ma Lying on bench
    7 Anthony Perez U Ma Facial Closeup
    8 ?? – Harris Boivin Sv Ma Cell (No Head)
    9 William Moniz Sv Ma Thrown over rails
    10 Dennis Markowski Bu Ma Fire Cell

    Thanks again!

    • Chris

      I looked at it again and below is an update. Thanks, John!

      # Character Death Person Features
      1 – Ron Forenall, B, Ma, Door Closes
      2 – Andrew Holt, B, Ma, Standing & Head Slammed
      3 – Jack McGann, Sv, Ma, Pushed to Ground
      4 – Isaac Conley, Sv, Ma, Shot through small corner mirror
      5 – ?-Harris Boivin, Sv, Ma, Shower
      6 – Raymond Martinez, U, Ma, Lying on bench
      7 – Anthony Perez, U, Ma, Facial Closeup
      8 – William Moniz, Sv, Ma, Thrown over rails
      9 – Dennis Markowski, Bu, Ma, Fire Cell

    • Holy cow… this is impressive. Thanks for the work and effort, Chris. That’s awesome.

  43. Eileen

    Amazing work–thanks so much. I just bought “Emilio’s Disposal” on ebay, by the talented Dave Perillo. I would love this poster too.

  44. Eileen

    Just one more thing–you should lobby to have this poster as one of the “Breaking Bad GIFs” for the second half of Season 5–they make 300 each season and sell for around $50.00. They’re going on ebay for even more. You could make fat stacks yo. I love the bear as the symbol of Wayfarer–it’s perfect. One of my favorite lines from the show–when Jesse is in the wheelchair outside the hospital and the orderly tells him he can’t smoke within 20 feet of the building–“So roll me further, bitch.” Again, beautiful work!!

  45. Benjamin

    Maybe I found a little mistake. The cause of death “U – Unknown” has a “periodic number” of 1, but at least Mike’s guys #6 and #7 are listed with an unknown cause of death.

    • That’s a great catch, Benjamin. Thanks for pointing it out. I was trying so hard to frantically get the infographic posted immediately after season 5 ended that I got sloppy with the last batch.

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  49. JLR

    the first death, Emilio, was indeed poisoned but he died after Walt choked him with the bike lock.

  50. JLR

    oops- nevermind, I thought his name was Emilio. My bad.

  51. ellelunette

    Maybe a little tangential, but here’s information on Hydrogen, watch for spoilers:

    Hydrogen is the lightest element. It is by far the most abundant element in the universe and makes up about about 90% of the universe by weight. Hydrogen as water (H2O) is absolutely essential to life and it is present in all organic compounds. Hydrogen is the lightest gas. Hydrogen gas was used in lighter-than-air balloons for transport but is far too dangerous because of the fire risk (Hindenburg). It burns in air to form only water as waste product and if hydrogen could be made on sufficient scale from other than fossil fuels then there might be a possibility of a hydrogen economy.

    Hydrogen is Atomic number: 1
    • Group in periodic table: 1
    • Group name: (none)
    • Period in periodic table: 1

    Team Hank: it’s time. 🙂

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  53. theGentleman™

    Awesome work. Just a little note; Gonzo (Tuco’s henchman) didn’t die by getting crushed. He bled out, whilst trapped by the car that fell on his arm.

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  55. Joseph Benitez

    Hi there. Sorry that I would post this at such a late date (given that I just finished watching season 5 stuff, and having started a few weeks ago, along with the fact that you posted this over half a year ago), but I really wanted to point out a number of mistakes with the math you have in your graphic. To point out the biggest part, I am not sure if the ultimate death toll is 245, 247, or 249, 250, or another number due to a combination of reasons. Going by the deaths you attributed to Walt from the people listed, it only goes up to 8 (Emilio Koyama, Domingo “Krazy 8” Molina, Jane Margolis, Two rival Dealers, 2 Fring Guards, and Mike) but you have him numbered as killing 11. Hector Salamanca is also a bit off, since you listed him with 3 kills, but he’s numbered with 4 (Gus, Tyrus, himself, and also Max Arciniega). Same goes for the cousins, but there are actually 14 killed (Tortuga, 9 truck passengers, Coyote Driver, Mrs Peyketewa, Deputy Bobby Kee and the unknown man) based on counting the people, but you have them listed as 13. If adding everyone else’s kill count, along with the new additions (minus Juan Bolsa, which I will explain in a bit), the number shrinks to 245. Moving over to the cause of death side, I’d first like to mention the unknowns. You have 1 listed, but counting two of Mike’s guys (#7 and #6) along with Mrs. Peyketewa, it moves to 3. As well, you have 3 people who have died from beatings (No Doze, Mikes Guy #1 and #2), but only listed B as 1. There is also a problem with the number of people shot, where 39 people were numbered as being shot in your graphic (Tuco, Convenience Store Clerk, Combo, the 9 Truck Passengers, The Coyote Driver, the unnamed guy by the cousins, Marco Salamanca, 2 of Juan Bolsa’s Bodyguards, Juan Bolsa, Tomas, 4 Cartel Assassins, Gale, Los Pollos Drivers #1 and #2, 2 los pollos guards and Cartel Assassins #5 and #6, Max Arciniega, Fring Henchman, Joaquin Salamanca, 2 of Fring’s Guards, Duane Chow, Chris Mara, Drew Sharp, and Mr. Mike Ehrmantraut), but numbered it as 38. One other note is that you list 1 death by asphyxiation, but there is no one here numbered that died from it. Finally, there was an interesting bit with the turtle bombings, where you listed numbered it as 3 deaths, but only 1 DEA agent was mentioned. If you added the original numbers here without any fixes, it really only comes out to 245, not 247. If that were the case, with the calculations made with the new additions (but leaving the listed TB’s as is) it moves up to 249. Because TB’s were by Juan Bolsa, his kill count would move up to 3, which makes the overall kill count of everyone to 248 (no one technically killed Gonzo, unless you count it as a suicide). If it were only 1 TB though, the shows kill count would be 246 (Once again, one listed for killing Gonzo), and 247 death listed from the causes (the green portion). I want to believe this was what you wanted, it to be, but probably just miscalculated some points

    TL;DR Main points
    – 3 people died from beatings, not 1
    – 3 deaths were unknown, not 1
    – One listed turtle bombing, not 3 (however, if there were 3, then that’s fine, which might be the case, I can’t remember)
    -39 people died from shootings, not 38
    -Walt killed 8 people, not 11
    -Cousins killed 14 people, not 13
    -Juan Bolsa maybe killed 3 people, but if not, then just stays as 1 (once again, can’t remember from the episode)
    -Hector killed 4 people, not 3
    –If 3 agents did die from the turtle bombing, then kill count moves to 249
    –If not, then it is at 247
    Once again, sorry for the extremely long post, but I really liked this graphic, and I felt bad that something so awesome could be flawed, and I almost felt obligated to help you out. Hope you can maybe edit it in time for the second half coming up? In any case, wish you the best, and keep up the great work!

    • Joseph Benitez

      Oh, well, I saw from a comment you made previously that Walt technically would be 11 because of his involvement with the deaths of Tyrus, Hector and Gus, so I thought I’d correct that point that I made.

  56. Very interesting information. Awesome way of killing the time 🙂

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  62. bterry88

    Very nicely done. I was keeping a running tally of my own, but I came across this via CollegeHumor, and realized I had left a few out. I sincerely hope you’ll post an updated version after the current season is finished.

    • I’m working on it as we speak, with a few new little flourishes and some mild updates.

      You can also find the (outdated) version in the upcoming book, Best American Infographics 2013 (sorry to shill, but hey, it’s my work and I’m thrilled to be in that book). It comes out in October.

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