Google Autocomplete Movie Reviews


Google’s autocomplete feature is a wonder of modern society. It’s like going on a real-time archeological dig to determine how our society feels about any subject possible. It’s a roller coaster ride, fluctuating wildly from humorous to educational to horrifying, all contingent upon what you’re searching. Here are some lessons that we can learn, reviews as it were, of various movies using Google autocomplete.

Lest anyone accuse me of making any of this up, I’ve used actual screen captures.


The number one autocomplete result for Scary Movie 5 is “is it real.” It’s not even real horror movie. It’s a spoof of a bunch of other horror movies. It blows my mind that anyone on earth, much less the majority of Google users, would think that it’s real. Remember when I said that autocomplete could be horrifying? This is exhibit 1A.


Prometheus is a stupid Alien prequel. That sounds about right for the popular sentiment. Similarly…


Evil Dead is a funny, scary comedy. I can go with that, Google autocomplete.


The autocomplete results for The Seven Samurai are amazing because all four of them are dead wrong. Although I did discover that “Seven Samurai in space” is a reference to 1980’s Battle Beyond the Stars, which I now must see.



I can’t say I agree, but it sure jives with the average moviegoer’s opinion.


I like to pretend that these results occurred because everyone searched for “Oh dear God, no, is Nicole Kidman singing in Moulin Rouge?”


At least in some part, this has to be a result of this clip featuring Quentin Tarantino:


Talk about your roller coaster rides. Oldboy is both overrated and the best movie ever. Whereas…


Roadhouse is simply the best, most awesome movie ever made.

Spiderman3Sometimes, you have to hand it to autocomplete, which correctly pegs Spiderman 3 as awful, terrible, and so bad. That’s a special designation. It’s not just bad, it’s “so bad.”


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26 responses to “Google Autocomplete Movie Reviews

  1. Nice! I wondered how great it can read my mind sometimes! And other times it gives indication on how the mass feels about something!
    Congrats for the LAMMY nominations John! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. This comment is…
    blocked by the administrator
    no longer exists
    blocked yahoo

    Hmm, not what I wanted to write, but those are the ones Google suggested…original idea and shows the power of Google…

  3. Haha, this is great. And surprisingly accurate.

  4. Well, I do agree on Tree of Life being terrible. The Top Gun one is my favorite.

  5. Google users know what’s up with Roadhouse.

    Fun trip. Looking forward to my upcoming viewing of The Little Mermaid. I’m in for a raunchy time!

  6. The guy who was babysat by the sister of the guy who played Nuclear Man in Superman IV

    Have you seen the Top Gun beach volleyball game?–QT is spot-on?

  7. Holy crap, this is awesome.

  8. Autocomplete can be very fun. Though I’d like to take the optimistic approach to the Scary Movie 5. I think there are that many people who don’t believe they actually made a 5th movie they are searching to see if the movie is real and not a fake trailer someone made.

  9. Phil

    Very funny John.

  10. Brilliant. Surprisingly, I find myself disagreeing less with Google Autocorrect reviews than I do with real bloggers!

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