Fun With Netflix Viewer Reviews: TV Show Edition

It’s time yet again for the article that’s easy for me and fun for you- Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews! Volume eighteen of Netflix viewers writing funny reviews focuses on TV shows. These are presented completely unedited. Even when you think I might have edited something in or out of the copy, I assure you that I have not.

madmen-smokeMad Men
What are these, a series of smoking fetish videos?Good grief, I get it – they smoked a lot in the 60’s. Enough!! A movie/TV show style point shouldn’t be so over stressed as to give the audience sympathetic emphysema in just 4 episodes.An otherwise interesting soap, but it gets 1 star for mistaking a vile phenomena as a theatrical “air”.

Spoiler*****************Hate to spoil the party, but HBO cancelled the series before they finished it. It is a really good story and it is built up well. But because HBO is run by a pack of mentally-retarded wolves they cancelled it before they completed the series. Just like they did with Rome, Deadwood, Spawn, and other series. But oh yea they finished off Entourage well. (Bad Word) You HBO!!

The Wire
This show is so realistic about the things in real life that really suck. Therefore the show sucks. I can see how someone could see more than that in it, but to me that is it. 3 stars because I choose to dislike a well done thing.


A scene from the episode in question

loved Alf as a kid and this disc was worth watching. However, I don’t understand why they cut some scenes out of some episodes. I noticed it especially in the “Oh, Tannerbaum,” episode in Willy’s dream. They just cut all those “racier” scenes out This show was on TV and now they worry about content? Just wired.

Editor’s Note: I appreciate this reviewer’s stance on censorship but am horrified that anyone has this sort of recall of Alf episodes.

56 pages of unhelpful reviews………………………………………………. Here’s another one.

Breaking Bad
Seems like a good series, but the subtitles are in all languages except English. It’s a pity…finally a show that doesn’t glorify homosexuality or propagate Islam, and I can’t hear what they’re saying.

Editor’s Note: I love the tar out of this show, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen it praised in that way.

The Walking Dead
Very Good Movie… Enjoyable and it’s all around AWESOME!!!! Like come on people, it has got Zombies bro’s and gal’s


Khal Drogo is not amused with your shitty Shrek joke.

Game of Thrones
After watching 4 episodes of Season 1, I can’t help but get the impression I’ve been suckered into a medieval soap opera (All My Medieval Children/As the Medieval World Turns) with some cast members from Shrek (Prince Charming & Lord Farquaad). lol I’m still trying to figure out who fits the role of Donkey, Shrek & Fiona, but I get so bored with the show that I lose my concentration. With that said, the acting, costumes, and scenery are good but there are only a few interesting scenes in each episode (including the endings that are meant to leave you hanging until the next episode). I haven’t decided if it’s worth the bother to watch the next episodes or not, especially when I’ve read about how bad Season 2 is.

Editor’s Note: Sometimes I kind of hate everything about humanity.

Louie CK is no Seinfeld! His humor is dry most of the time and the rest of the time leaves you wondering ‘WTF was that?’ Louie is the stereotypical, bed-wetting, milk toast, suffering from White guilt; unsure of himself and his place in the world. Naturally as a left-wing liberal, he assumes the moral high-ground with a misplaced arrogance that is in stark contrast to his means and station in life. I stopped watching at the end of Ep 3. I have more respect for myself and my time than to continue. One star!


It’s a show about the mafia. What the hell did you expect?

The Sopranos
The violence was disturbing and detracted from the otherwise good drama and engaging characters. Just watched the first episode of the first series. I wonder if the level of ugly, gratuitous violence decreased but I just couldn’t invest any more of my precious little free time in this series. I read and watch the news. Plenty of exposure there to the tragic, the wretched and barbaric happening in real life. Cheers.

This is Best of Timothy Olyphant sents Hitman I which this over and over it is great.

My Two Dads
I’ve been in love with Staci Keanen since I was 10 and I owe it all to “My Two Dads”. Holy Friggin’ Crap this show was awesome. I mean, she had two friggin’ dads and they couldn’t be more different if they tried. One of them is a straightlaced businessman named Michael.. he likes things neat. But wait, then there’s the CAARRRAAAAZZZZZZZZZZYY artist named Joey.. I mean.. that’s a KID’S name! And he has a beard. Anyway, they both had premarital sex with little Nicole’s mom and they have no idea who the dad is. So the Judge that hangs out at the bar downstairs just makes them all live together. Dick Butkus works at the bar.


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32 responses to “Fun With Netflix Viewer Reviews: TV Show Edition

  1. “Breaking Bad
    Seems like a good series, but the subtitles are in all languages except English. It’s a pity…finally a show that doesn’t glorify homosexuality or propagate Islam, and I can’t hear what they’re saying.”

    This guy is going to be mortified when he finds out the guys who don’t speak English are homosexual Muslims.

    • I’m really baffled by that one. It sort of implies that every other major show encourages Islam. So… Mad Men? Walking Dead? Justified? Sopranos? etc… What on earth do any of those shows have to do with Islam?

  2. LOL. I love how the person that claims they “I read and watch the news.” apparently never knew a damn thing about the Sopranos. 😀 “I wonder if the level of ugly, gratuitous violence decreased” Heh. Yeah, buddy, they turned it into a comedy. LOL

    • A Sopranos without violence would’ve been the worst TV show on earth. It wouldn’t have even been renewed after the first season.

      • What the hell would it have been? Carmela and that priest exchanging lasagna recipees and making goo goo eyes at each other? Tony seeing Dr Melfi every episode? For like the WHOLE episode? LOL Cmon…

        • Your lasagna line made me laugh out loud. “Now let’s watch the Maltese Falcon while I rub your shoulders but totally don’t do anything but eat your food.”

  3. The “My Two Dads” review made me day. CAARRRAAAAZZZZZZZZZZYY! Just a brilliant description.

  4. Ron Jeremy

    The Carnivale review is spot on. Are you sure this isn’t your review of Carnivale?

  5. aleksa

    To be fair, the “Mad Men” reviewer isn’t wrong….

  6. I hate when someone takes his time to write a review of something he has not watched or just watch one episode of a series of many seasons. How can you know it sucks? This gets over my head.

  7. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell an “racierâ is.

  8. ‘3 stars because I choose to dislike a well done thing’

  9. The Wire & Breaking Bad reviews had me cracking up. Wow.

  10. Love it.

    The Wire – well at least he (or she) is honest.
    Californication – YES! That’s awesome.
    Justified – Ha… what?

    • Here’s my attempt at translating the Justified review.

      “Hark! I doth believe that ye olde bard Timothy Olyphant hath provided us with his finest work since ‘Hitman’. It shan’t escape mine eyes through all the days.”

  11. At least that Californication “review” is honest.

  12. I adore this post. Wow. I liked the Sopranos review most. 😀

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