A Very Special (Red) Wedding Invitation


If you’re all caught up with Game of Thrones, then you realize that a very special wedding just took place. It was the kind of event that serves as a game changer for audiences. If you’re like me, that means you’re as big a fan of the show as ever. If you’re not caught up, then HURRY UP, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, so you can open this wedding invitation marking the event. Also, if you’re not caught up, stop reading because I don’t want to be responsible for spoiling anything.

Red Wedding Invitation

For the record, I listed it as four fortnights out because the Westeros Postal Service is probably horrible. That is, unless you pay for first class and get a raven.


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12 responses to “A Very Special (Red) Wedding Invitation

  1. aleksa

    It was rough; I’m not sure if knowing it was coming made it easier or worse. And really, let’s just go ahead and give Michelle Fairley all the awards now.

    • I totally agree. She’s been awesome in that role. When she said “Show them how it feels to lose what they love”, I wanted to jump up and yell “HELL YEAH!!!!”

  2. I literally dont know where I’m at with that show right now. I get wanting to be unpredictable, establish mortal stakes for characters, etc… but this show just doesn’t seem to give a %$#& at times. LOL I need some time to let things settle and figure if I respect what they did or not (yeah, yeah, probably in the books… chuck them into the mix too then)

  3. I wasn’t hit as hard by all of it because as soon as the big character in season one died (like how I dance around that spoiler?), I kind of assumed that EVERYONE was fair game. So for two years, I’ve half expected every major character to die.

    That’s not to say it wasn’t done extremely well. They executed it flawlessly, and really that’s why I watch. And love the show, for that matter. There’s no security blanket at all, and that makes it so unlike any other show on TV.

    I also really dig how they’ve made all of the alleged villains seem so human in the last two seasons. Tyrion is one of the most popular characters on the show. Jamie is totally sympathetic now. Dany might be quick to torch people with her dragons but she also frees slaves. In many ways, Stannis is the last of Robert and Ned’s (misguided) nobility. Other than punk-ass Joffrey and uptight Cersei, I feel like all of the major characters are relatable and even likable at this point.

    And personally… even pulling away from emotional investment and which characters we like… there’s a lot to be said for how well it’s all written and executed. Unlike some shows (think season 6 of Dexter), they don’t beat you over the head with subtext or future plot points. What happened the other night was all there for all of us to see (us non book readers) if you paid attention to the sign posts, but it wasn’t obvious. How many times have they referenced “The Rains of Castamere” this season, and how many times did… the victims… fret about the executioner’s anger in the last few years? Several times.

    (sorry, I could ramble a lot about how much I love this show; I’m basically a fanboy)

  4. I remember you telling me Google auto completed spoiled something for you in Game of Thrones, I hope this wasn’t it. I was so shocked when I read this in the booking that I almost started crying. And I should’ve known better by then. I thought it was a great scene. Though, I probably won’t re-watch this episode several times like I do the others. I’ll just sit back and hope the Freys and Boltons die slowly.

    • Thankfully not. The thing I had spoiled has to do with the Lannisters. And poop.

      I’ll never be able to watch Hot Fuzz or the Harry Potter movies the same way now thanks to Walder Frey.

      • Brittani Burnham

        Ohh you got THAT spoiled. That will make for an interesting scene when it happens. I kept thinking about Professor McGonagall telling off Filch in DH2. Why can’t she just randomly show up on Game of Thrones and stun Walder Frey?

  5. Jess

    Love it! I go through waves with this show. Sometimes I find it a bit too slow to really get into it, but when something so fantastic happens like the Red Wedding it completely draws me in. I know this show can shock me and that characters aren’t safe just because they’re lead and especially just because they’re top billed. You don’t see that anywhere else on television.

    • Yes! I love love love that part of the show. Even something like, say, The Sopranos… yeah, a lot of characters were fair game to die, but nothing like GoT.

      I haven’t read the books but my best friend has, and he fills me in (spoiler-free) on so much of the background. It honestly helps make even the slower stuff more exciting.

  6. Beautiful John! I don’t watch the show but I’m well aware of what happens at the Red Wedding just from all the tweets and articles about people’s reaction to the event after the wedding. Oh dear!

    • Ah… that’s too bad that you had it ruined for you, just in case you ever decide to watch it. You might actually like the show, Ruth.

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