Tale of the Tape: Wolverine vs. Freddy Krueger


The latest installment in Marvel’s Wolverine film series, The Wolverine, comes out later this week. With the film just around the corner, it’s only natural to wonder- is Wolverine the best movie character that wreaks havoc with claws? There’s really only one other contender, and he lives on Elm Street in Springwood, Ohio. Maybe a proper tale of the tape will help put it in perspective.

Wolverine_FreddyWolverine is a strong competitor. He is, after all, a mutant and a badass. But I don’t think there’s really any doubt who would win in a fight between these two, particularly given how many bad dreams Logan already has. The winner is… Freddy Krueger.


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3 responses to “Tale of the Tape: Wolverine vs. Freddy Krueger

  1. I don’t know, Wolverine can heal himself. Freddy might get tired or something and eventually fall to him.

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