Google Street Views of The Godfather Filming Locations


I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. I thought it’d be cool to see how the filming locations for The Godfather (both 1 and 2) look, so I took screen caps of them using Google’s street view. Here they are, presented alongside photos of them in the original film. Enjoy!

I owe a tip of the cap to for their extensive list of locations and addresses. Many of the original photos don’t match the exact location of the street view image. The originals are there mostly to provide context for what scene the various locations were used for in the film.

The Woltz Mansion
Admittedly, this is not the same view. The original view is from the interior, and Google’s version is (obviously) from the street.

WoltzMansionThe Corleone Compound


Sonny Destroys Carlo

Sonny_Carlo_FightLouis’ Restaurant
Louis’ is the place on the left- the fabrics store.

LouisRestaurantGenco Olive Oil

GencoOliveOilAl Neri Shoots Barzini

BarziniShotMichael and Kay go Christmas Shopping/Best & Co.
This is the location I had the toughest time reconciling. The Wiki page for Best & Co. said that it was torn down to build the Olympic Tower Condominiums. However, the shot of Best & Co. from the film indicates that it’s in a different position relative to St. Patrick’s Cathedral than the Olympic Tower. If anyone has any information or can clear this up, I’d welcome the info.



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7 responses to “Google Street Views of The Godfather Filming Locations

  1. These are great, but if you weren’t inspired by GoogleStreetScene ( you need to check them out too.

  2. Great work. I love this kind of stuff.

  3. Can you show sonny’s death real place? Thanks from Italy

    • I would if I knew where it was. The best I could find was very vague, and nobody could quite identify the actual location where it was shot.

  4. Anybody know the location of Don Ciccio’s villa in The Godfather Part II?

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