Breaking Bad Character Baseball Jerseys


As almost all of you are probably aware, Breaking Bad is about to wrap up the entire series this weekend. It’s been one hell of a ride for my favorite (and for my money, the best) TV show. Since the next few days represent my last chance to write about it or honor it in any way, I’ve decided to blow it out with one more big visual Breaking Bad-themed article. I’ve cooked up baseball jerseys for many of the key characters. Some have Major League jersey equivalents, although you certainly don’t need to be familiar with those as any sort of precursor. Here are baseball jerseys for various key Breaking Bad characters. Enjoy!

I recommend clicking on these for the full-resolution versions.













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18 responses to “Breaking Bad Character Baseball Jerseys

  1. I’ve never seen the show, but I dig that Pinkman jersey. Very 70’s Astros.

  2. You would sell out over those Heisenberg jerseys if you made em. You know I want a Badger one too.

  3. These are too cool! I wonder what a skinny Pete and a Todd jersey would look like.

    • Thanks! Todd would definitely have a tarantula mixed in there somewhere. Skinny Pete… I imagine the P in Pete wearing the stocking/skull cap that he wears.

  4. Awesome!! These are so great but to me Walt Jr’s is the standout. Also, why did this make me so sad? 😦 I guess I’m not quite ready for it to end but also seeing some of these characters’ names just bums me out right now.

  5. As usual, AWESOME! Can’t wait to see how they wrap it all up…

    • It’s bittersweet to even think about it. It’s so exciting… but then it’s done, gone forever.

      I keep joking that I’m going to sing Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” to my TV when it’s over.

  6. Julie Brewer (@jjbrew)

    Love them all! Would personally buy the Hank and Gus Fring jerseys (the latter for obvious reasons)

  7. Eileen

    Hi John,
    Love this. I’ve been a fan of yours since the Breaking Bad Death Toll. I just found out I won the Omaze contest (2nd place) and get to go see the finale in LA with the cast!!

  8. Hi, John:

    A great batch of jerseys. I like the Heisenberg offering with the HazMat sticker. Also Walter’s jersey that harkens back to Bryan Cranston’s “Hal” in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.

    Would also like to see an offering for Skylar’s occasional “Skysenberg” in honor of her losing it when angered and her hand slashing knife fight with Walter a few episodes back.

    • I am seriously tempted to watch Malcolm in the Middle. I saw only a few episodes, which I mildly enjoyed, when it originally aired. It’d be wild to see it through the Cranston-colored glasses of Breaking Bad.

      I thought long and hard about a knife, and I love the idea. Basically I just thought it’d look odd up against the car wash stuff, which lent itself a little better (from a design perspective) to the jersey treatment.

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