Infographic: The Final Death Toll in Breaking Bad


One of the most popular pieces at TDYLF has been The Death Toll on Breaking Bad, an infographic that I created last September at the conclusion of season 5A of Breaking Bad. When people contact me, the most common request I get- by far- is to update that piece once the series is over. Well, the series is now officially over. And the infographic has been updated. Consider your requests granted.

As always (especially this time), click on the image to embiggen it. It’s huge, made larger than the last time in an attempt to help legibility.


A few quick notes:

-I’ve updated Jane with a different icon. She deserved better.

-Todd’s “chemical” symbol is now Op instead of Td. Because, in the parlance of Jesse Pinkman, he’s an “Opie dead-eyed piece of shit.”

-The prison massacre victims all sport prison jumpsuits now. Additionally, there’s more detail to those victims- specifically, their names and which one was burnt alive.

-The bulk of this info comes from the awesome Breaking Bad wikia. However, as of today (9/29), I have one more death than they do. I counted four white supremacists in the room with Jack and Todd, plus the guard outside the building.

-If you like this infographic, I highly recommend that you pick up The Best American Infographics 2013. It features my original infographic from last fall, and a ton of amazing work from other designers.


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45 responses to “Infographic: The Final Death Toll in Breaking Bad

  1. Reblogged this on Killing Time and commented:
    This is brilliant…for a way to calculate deaths, but still utterly brilliant.

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  3. You are fantastic, and I love this post. (Especially the head on the tortoise, because that scene was so fucking bizarre.)

    • It was one of about 5 moments in the first 2 seasons that totally got me addicted to the show. The bathtub in the ceiling, some of Walt’s early heroism (beating up that teen who was making fun of Junior; blowing up that douchebag’s car in the gas station parking lot), “This is not meth”… Stuff like that is when I knew that show was something else.

  4. The guy who was babysat by the sister of the guy who played Nuclear Man in Superman IV

    Good Work!

  5. HKRB

    Should you add Donald Margolis to the death toll (Su)? His death by apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound is reported on the radio while Walt is driving in one of the early Season 3 episodes.

    • fogharty

      It was reported that Donald Margolis was hospitalized after an “apparent suicide attempt”. Nothing on if he survived.

  6. Kate Rears Burgman

    Should you add Donald Margolis as a suicide from Season 3? I think it’s reported on the radio while Walt is driving in Episode 4, just before he gets tossed “his” half of the profits from Jesse’s cook, that Don Margolis has died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    • Honestly, I used the Breaking Bad Wikia as my guide, and they list him as “fate unknown”. Basically, it’s announced that he’s been rushed to the hospital, but not that he died. I realize it’s a crazy line to draw- especially considering we never actually see, say, Lydia die, but I’ve included her- but I’m doing my best to work with firm facts.

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  9. This is awesome. 269 is pretty heavy, I tuned out of the show in the middle of season 4, so unless I was seriously desensitized to the violence, they must have offed A LOT of people in those final seasons.

    • One thing to consider- 167 of the total came in the finale of season 2, with the flight collision. Depending on when you stopped in season 4, you missed 60 to 70 deaths or so.

      Which… comes out to appx. 2.5 to 3 deaths per episode. Awwwww, yeah.

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  11. fogharty

    You’re missing the old lady in the wheelchair the cousins (almost certainly) killed so the could steal her handivan for their uncle.

  12. gropius

    Nice. However, unless I’m mistaken, the “U” cause of death (Mrs. Peyketewa) is missing from this final chart.

  13. gropius

    Nice. However, unless I’m mistaken, the “U” cause of death (Mrs. Peyketewa) is missing from the final table.

  14. Ben R

    John, this is amazing, I’d love to have it as a poster or a print… Any plans to produce this other than in the book you mentioned with the older version?

  15. This thing is really nice work. But, sorry to say this, it has many mistakes in the Periodic Table of Death. Here are the corrections:
    Cause of Death part (Current / Correct):
    As / U
    St=1 / St=2
    Sh=51 / Sh=59
    Ps=14 / Ps=15
    Tb=3 / Tb=1
    Pm=8 / Pm=9

    Responsible Party part (Current / Correct):
    Cs=13 / Cs=14
    W=19 / W=16

    Please make the changes and post again, please! 🙂 Thanks.

  16. Frank Regan

    So grateful for your brilliant work.

    Frank R.

  17. Are you making and selling prints of this? I’d buy several.

  18. Brilliant! The best infographic on BB that I’ve seen so far!

  19. Ross

    This is fantastic, great work!
    I think it’s already been said but one mistake I noticed was that the toll for Strangulation is wrong. “St” has the number 1 but I think it should be 2 (Krazy 8 and Todd).

  20. Court

    This needs to be a poster because I would totally buy it!!!

  21. Amazing… Am astounded to say the least

  22. Man the final death toll list is correct, but the Periodic Table of Death part where you summarize all the death causes and the responsible parties is wrong. Hell you even got Walter White’s total wrong! It is not 19, it is 16…

    Here are the corrections:

    Cause of Death part (Current / Correct):
    As / U
    St=1 / St=2
    Sh=51 / Sh=59
    Ps=14 / Ps=15
    Tb=3 / Tb=1
    Pm=8 / Pm=9

    Responsible Party part (Current / Correct):
    Cs=13 / Cs=14
    W=19 / W=16

    Please make the changes and post again. Thanks.

  23. RobinA

    Awesome chart… but I don’t see Hank.

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  26. Laura

    If Jane gets a different icon, I think Mike & Gus also deserve something extra.

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  28. Joel

    Lydia died of ricin poisoning most likely on the finale episode.

  29. Yo, you forget Lydia, biatch.

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