Infographic: The History of the St. Louis Cardinals


It’s October in St. Louis. In recent memory, that means that the whole city is alive thanks to a playoff run by the St. Louis Cardinals. This year is no different. To commemorate the run and, really, my fandom, I’ve created an infographic illustrating a great deal of the franchise’s history, legends, highlights, and stomping grounds. Enjoy!

It’s massive, so be sure to click on the image for the tasty, full-resolution goodness. When you’re trying to cram in over a century of history, you need pixels to spare.



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4 responses to “Infographic: The History of the St. Louis Cardinals

  1. The Guy who was babysat by the sister of the guy who played Nuclear Man in Superman 4

    This is great! One thing…Didn’t Dale Murphy win MVP in 1982 and Willie McGee in 1985?

    • Yep. Wow… total brain fart there. The worst part is, I knew that. I guess seeing all of that baby blue looking up Hernandez and McGee photos whipped me into an ’82 euphoria.

      Give me a minute. I’ll fix it.

  2. This is your finest work.

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