Infographic: Where are Baseball Movies Made?

unnamedTo commemorate baseball’s Opening Day (which really should be a national holiday), Todd at Forgotten Films is hosting the Big League Blogathon- a series of articles by multiple contributors, all themed around baseball in cinema. If you know me at all, then you know there’s no way I could pass up the opportunity to contribute. Since I used to work for a minor league baseball team that played where A League of Their Own (1992) was filmed, it seemed like a natural fit to focus on filming locations for baseball movies. Specifically, I’ve created a map visualization showing where baseball films have been made through the years. Enjoy!

As always, click on the image for the full-resolution version.



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16 responses to “Infographic: Where are Baseball Movies Made?

  1. Rick

    When are you going on a tour of the parks that remain?

  2. Love this, great job as always. (And bring on opening day. Hopefully the Twins don’t suck so much this year)

  3. Jess

    Beautiful design as usual. I would love for some baseball movie to be filmed at Camden Yards. It’s a seriously gorgeous stadium!

    • Allegedly, there were scenes in Dave (1993) and Head of State (2003) filmed there. (I did an IMDb search for Camden Yards)

      Camden is probably my favorite place I’ve seen a game. Either there, or Wrigley.

  4. CookinKat

    What about Fever Pitch and For the Love of the Game? They might not be like the others, but they still revolve around baseball.

    • I’ve got For Love of the Game in there. It’s under Yankee Stadium. I was thinking they filmed in some other ballparks, but the IMDb filming locations section didn’t include anything else.

      Fever Pitch… well, I purposely excluded it because I’m being a petulant jackass since they filmed at Busch Stadium right after the Cardinals lost the World Series. I’m trying to pretend that movie doesn’t exist.

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  6. jackdeth72

    Good stuff!

    Glad to see It Happens Every Spring and its fields and stadiums make the cut. Also Eight Men Out for it period time and feel.

  7. Major League 2 was filmed at both of Baltimore’s stadiums. Yup, they used Baltimore for Cleveland.

  8. Le

    How cool! It is even cooler because you had a personal experience with the baseball league… I learned a lot with the infographic.
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂
    Le from Retro Critic

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