What Disney Princesses Would Look Like if People Would Stop Reimagining Them as Other Crap


We’ve seen Disney princesses reimagined in a lot of wacky ways in the last few years. Amongst a thousand other things, we’ve seen them twisted, as Star Wars characters, with beards, with Instagram accounts, and as Batman characters. Truly, the world of reimagined Disney princesses is a rich tapestry. But there’s one piece missing. What would Disney princesses look like if people would stop reimagining them as other stuff?

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991)









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15 responses to “What Disney Princesses Would Look Like if People Would Stop Reimagining Them as Other Crap

  1. They’d look like the anorexic, anatomically impossible, damagingly stereotypical renditions of women that little girls have allowed themselves to be marketed into worshiping, that’s who.

    • necothesergalchef

      Spot the enraged fat person who’s ‘Skinny shaming’.

      I FOUND ONE!

      • Sarah

        Yeah, because you’d need to be fat to not like the way Disney portrays women…
        Skinny shaming is not ok, but neither is spreading the idea that all young women should be tall, thin and have the bone structure of an elf.

        • Kelly

          Snow white isn’t even close to anorexic. And none of these are anotomically impossible other than Ariel who is HALF FISH. I’ve seen many women with this size. They are very pretty. Prettier than I am.

        • necothesergalchef

          All humans should strive to have a healthy body weight, doesn’t have to be ‘skinny’ but the current trend is simply Obesity and being Overweight, being average is fine, being below average or skinny is also fine as long as nutrients and vitamins are taken – but Obesity is never okay, also, nowhere am I shown that women have to be tall, lmao. Especially where most women are like 5’0″ where I live.

    • Realist

      Except I’ve seen many non-anorexic women cosplay as Elsa et al……

      And of course half of them are wearing corsets (as were the fashion at the time) or are mermaids or Asian (there is a reason the A4 paper thing can work in Asia and not the west. Bone structure.) or half staved by evil step sisters.

      I’m sorry you feel bad about all this but don’t spoil it for others please.

    • Liam Redmond

      Um its a cartoon, also you’re mental.

  2. Is Elsa even supposed to be a “Princess”?

  3. What was the point of this article…

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