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The Edgar Wright Infographics: A Follow-Up

Back in March, I watched all three of Edgar Wright’s major studio releases- Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)– with the trivia track on. Each time a film was referenced in the trivia track, I wrote it down. Then I used the info to create an infographic for each film, listing each film that influenced Wright’s movies. You can find the finished product here.

After I completed it, I showed it to my friend Marty. “Now”, he said, “you have to watch all of those movies”. I laughed it off at first. The last thing I need is another genre or list to binge upon. But he had a point. That list was ripe with potential for good films. And if those movies are good enough for Edgar Wright, they’re sure as hell good enough for me. Eventually, I started tackling the movies that I hadn’t already seen that were listed on those infographics. It’s a slow and steady process but it’s opened up my eyes to some really great movies that I never would have seen otherwise. Thankfully and not surprisingly, Edgar Wright is a damned good ambassador for some unknown films. So far, I’ve seen: Continue reading


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Achilles’ Heels: The Genres and Storylines I Can’t Resist

As you grow out of childhood and are exposed to more and more movies, you start to learn your likes and dislikes. Obviously, tastes change- part of the beauty of being human is that we grow emotionally and intellectually- and things we may not have liked at younger ages become the kinds of movies that we enjoy later. But there are always certain staples in movie tastes. These are the genres and storylines that make up the foundation of your movie tastes. There are some genres and storylines that I just can not resist. Even when they’re bad- even when I KNOW they’re going to be bad- I watch anyway. Here are my achilles’ heels: Continue reading


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