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The Third Annual TDYLFie Awards

It's a major award!

It’s a major award!

The end of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s time for a bunch of lazy journalists to do their year-end best and worst lists. But why should they have all the fun? I’m lazy too. And I’ve established an award for this stuff two years in a row now–the TDYLFie. I’m going to capitalize on that laziness for an easy article. First, let’s establish some scope. I don’t see nearly enough new releases to make any sort of reasonable “Best/Worst of This Year” list. Thus, this list will be comprised of movies that I’ve seen this year only, which will run the gamut from era to era, genre to genre, and on and on. In reality, this is more of a list about my own experience watching movies this year than it is about anything that was released in this year. Without further delay, here is the awards program for the 3rd Annual TDYLFies. Continue reading


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Hammer’s Nail: Amicus Pictures

At some point in every horror lover’s education, they invariably stumble upon the various studios. Universal’s creature features are an obvious example. Ghost House Pictures has made a name for themselves in recent years. Troma is floating around out there for horror fans to discover. The UK’s Hammer Studios dominated the 1960s and 1970s, crafting a legacy that still brings smiles to the faces of horror fans. However, during Hammer’s heyday, a lesser known challenger arose. The studio was named Amicus Productions, and they carved quite a niche for themselves. Continue reading


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