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Moss Effect: My Favorite Work from Artist Olly Moss


The other day, regular reader/unofficial mayor of Baltimore Scott Carberry posted a link in my comments section to some amazing work. It was to a poster for the 85th Oscar Awards. And the artwork blew me away. I found out that it was the work of Olly Moss. After a little digging, I discovered that Moss has created a LOT of movie poster art that I’ve seen and admired through the years, but didn’t realize he was responsible. I’m a designer for a living, and I can tell you that the quality that Olly Moss creates is what we all want to create. Here are some of my favorite movie-related posters created by Moss. Continue reading


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10 Movie Communities With Dirty Secrets

Small communities–and even some large ones–can be tight-knit. Everyone helps everyone else out, and all of the neighbors are properly neigh-didly-eighborly. But sometimes, “cozy” can just as easily mean “private”. Or worse yet, it can mean “xenophobic”. Outsiders aren’t to be trusted, especially not with dirty secrets. Here are ten movie communities that kept their secrets in the dark.
Note: there is potential for spoilers here, but I’ve ducked out on any major specifics. Continue reading


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Guess the Unexpected Decade-Defining Director

I’d like to write a little bit about a certain director. But let’s play a game. Let’s see if you, the gentle reader, can guess who it is. He’s an American director, born in Chicago. He has directed comedy, horror, musical comedy, comedy horror, gangster horror, and action that was sort of action comedy. He has one film on the American Film Institute’s 100 Years… 100 Laughs list and two more that were nominated. The French government honored him in 1985 by awarding him the Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, which recognizes “significant contributions to the arts, literature, or the propagation of these fields”. Still having trouble guessing? His most recognizable work came from 1977 until 1988, with a peak from 1978 to 1983. Continue reading


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The ABC’s of Horror

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s a magical holiday where we can all celebrate the grisly, take on a good fright, and embrace all things bizarre and horrific. To celebrate the holiday, here are my ABC’s of Horror–my favorite horror film beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Continue reading


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Re-Watchterpiece Theater: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Re-Watchterpiece Theater is a series that explores the organic way that attitudes about films change after you watch them a second time, a third time, or more, further down the line than the original viewing. Today, we’ll take a look at John Landis’ horror-comedy genre mashup, An American Werewolf in London. Continue reading


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Film’s Diviest Bars

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