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My Criterion Top 10 Part Deux: Alex Withrow


For now, at least, I have one final entry in The Criterion Top 10 Series. Alex Withrow (And So It Begins, filmmaker, @shiftingPersona) had a familiar quandary when he made his first list. Specifically, he wanted to make several lists. Today, he brings us a list comprised purely of films made since 2000. As for the series, this closes it out for the time being, although there are a few more lists that may show up soon. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, and thank you very much to everyone who participated!
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If These Animals Could Talk

When it comes to horror, screenwriters and directors will pull out all of the stops in an attempt to put a jolt into the viewer. Anything goes as long as it’s eerie or surreal. No less than Luis Buñuel- who wasn’t even a horror director- thoroughly enjoyed employing animals in settings where they didn’t belong in an effort to create unease. A small handful of horror films go another step beyond Buñuel, giving a voice to animals. For example… Continue reading

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