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Poster Art: If Lincoln and Argo Had Been Rom-Coms

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means something or whatever. To celebrate, I came up with a very ambitious plan- to turn poster art for all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees into rom-com posters. However, it didn’t take long to realize that not many of the nominees would be suited for the rom-com treatment. Still, I managed to knock a few out. Happy Valentine’s Day! Continue reading


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It’s (Almost) the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

August might be a dead time of year for movies, but my favorite time of year is coming soon. Oh, it’s coming, my friends. And I can’t wait. Awards season starts picking up steam in a month. September through December is when all of the good stuff is released. In the last five years, there have been 39 Best Picture nominees for the Oscar. 27 of those were released between September and December (one other, There Will be Blood, was released in January). This year is no different. The rest of this year (and the early part of 2013) is packed with great film choices.  Continue reading


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