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Fun With Netflix Viewer Reviews: Volume 4

It’s time yet again for the article that’s easy for me and fun for you- Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews! Here’s volume four of people writing really bad, or funny, Netflix viewer reviews. These are presented completely unedited. Even when you think I might have edited something in or out of the copy, I assure you that I have not.As always, understand that I don’t always disagree with the negativity surrounding some of these movies, but there’s always at least one thing in these reviews that I find amusing. Continue reading


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Movie-Themed Birthday Cakes

The long and storied tradition of movie-themed birthday cakes begins when you’re young and someone hands you a cake featuring characters from your favorite animated movie. It usually ends as you approach adulthood, when cakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head are replaced with black forest, german chocolate, and peanut butter angel food (my personal favorite). But some people never get past that early stage of having movie-themed birthday cakes. Here are a lot of very diverse examples. Continue reading


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Poop as Justice in Movies

Last week, I touched on whether or not feces is actually funny in movies. While studying poop humor, several themes began to emerge in the way that poop is used as a cinematic device. For instance, poop occasionally introduces itself as an avenging angel in film. When villainous characters get their comeuppance, poop sneaks into the equation at times. Not only is it humorous when applied to nefarious characters. It gives us the justice and vengeance that we crave as an audience. Here are several instances in which poop is used as justice. Continue reading


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The 12 Best Times People Yelled “NOOOOOOOO!” in a Movie

I wish life was like the movies. Whenever things go bad, you could reach as deep as you can and bellow out a deafening “NOOOOOOOOOO!” to let everyone know that you disapprove of something. Because that’s exactly what happens in movies when something bad happens. Here are 12 great examples. Continue reading


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The Eight Best Movie Clocks

Clocks are an excellent moviemaking device. They’re an easy way to establish time frames for viewers. And more importantly, they’re ripe with symbolism–a character’s time is running out, time has run out, how much time is left, and the like. They can also be a wonderful symbol of precision–”like clockwork”, so to speak. Here are the eight best movie clocks: Continue reading


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The Many Faces of Christopher Lloyd

Everyone heaps praise upon the stars and starlets of Hollywood. Few people heap praise upon the character actors. There are lots and lots of fantastic character actors and they make the movies we love possible. Since they don’t carry the name recognition of the top-billed actors and actresses, these character actors have to diversify their range to keep getting work. Few have been willing to do more than Christopher Lloyd. I’ve compiled a large list of his characters to illustrate just how many types of characters he’s been willing to take on during his long, unsung career.  The graphic: Continue reading


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The Surprising Catalogue of Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis will celebrate his birthday this weekend. He turns 59 years old, and he’s had quite a run of success as a filmmaker in his 59 years. I recently found myself surprised about how successful Zemeckis’ films have been across three decades of American film history. Typically, his name isn’t one of the first to come up when people discuss successful American directors but perhaps his list of films is hard to ignore. Here are some of the films that Zemeckis has directed in his career: Continue reading


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Movie Infographics

_____________________________________________________________ Continue reading


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Takin’ Hollywood Down to South Park

You’ve no doubt seen the results of the various South Park character generators on the internet. I spent some time monkeying around with one of them the other day and had a blast. While it’s not necessarily anything new, it was still a lot of fun. The generator I used to create these can be found at www.sp-studio.de. Feel free to visit and play around with it. Here’s what I created:

The Boardwalk Empire Collection
Nucky Thompson, Jimmy Darmody, Chalky White

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